Episode 8: Everyone Hates The Meat Industry & They Are Wrong || Dr. Peter Ballerstedt Part I & II

One of the biggest questions is, 'Is meat and animal agriculture sustainable?' A snap judgment based on mainstream media projection would probably be 'Not really' but that's called dogma. It's always good to explore all sides of the arguments and this two part episode delves into the sustainability aspect of animal agriculture while taking a closer look at certain health and nutritional claims of plants and animals.  

Episode 8: Everyone Hates The Meat Industry & They Are Wrong || Dr. Peter Ballerstedt Part I



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Time Stamps:

2:45 – How Peter got into low carb high fat lifestyle

5:46 – What is a “Forage Agronomist”?

8:26 – Response to “Meat causes Colorectal Cancer” claims

11:00 – Factors causing current agricultural crisis

18:38 – The key historical turning points against animal agriculture

26:17 – Importance of connecting food producers with low carb communities

29:31 – The downside of having a big voice in the modern age

34:10 – What exactly is ‘sustainability’?

44:30 – Differences between nutritional studies in plants, animals and humans

48:55 – Comparison and implications of plant based and animal based diet

58:05 – Virtue signaling and issues with natural and organic food labels

1:01:33 – Should I buy organic, grass fed or conventional meat?

1:06:39 – Myths created against saturated fat and animal agriculture

1:10:25 – Does cattle destroy the planet by greenhouse emission?


Episode 8: Everyone Hates The Meat Industry & They Are Wrong || Dr. Peter Ballerstedt Part II


Time Stamps: 

00:58 – What happens behind the scenes in commercial slaughterhouses?

7:40 – What is Ruminant Agriculture and what does it entail?

11:03 – How does Ruminant Agriculture work in synergy with other agricultural methods?

14:12 – Secondary products produced by Ruminant Agriculture.

15:15 – How ruminant digestion works

19:02 – Why humans didn’t evolve to eat meat but because we ate meat

20:32 – Long and Short Term effects of ruminant agriculture

23:04 – Limitations of ruminant agriculture

27:10 – Benefits of this agriculture in first and third world countries

29:07 – Concerns with modern agricultural industry

32:06 – How many food and nutritional claims are pointless

34:59 – Plants, pesticides and cancer

37:03 – Comparison of plant and animal based proteins

43:32 – Anything in plants that may not be fit for human consumption?

46:21 – Is the recent focus on gut microbiome just a pointless goose chase?

51:06 – New innovations in animal agriculture

55:07 – Sustainability of lab grown meat

56:26 – Should we be afraid of nitrates on food labels?

58:08 – Are mice studies reliable for humans too?

1:00:06 – What would be an ideal farm for Peter?

1:03:05 – What is Peter’s message and vision?

1:07:15 – How to find Peter

Bio: Peter has extensive experience in forage agriculture. He was the forage extension specialist at Oregon State University from 1986 until 1992. He is currently the Forage Product Manager at Barenbrug USA. His experience led him to study human diet and health. What he’s learned doesn’t agree with low-fat-is-heart-healthy dietary advice we’ ve been given for more than 50 years. This understanding, combined with his forage background, has strengthened his interest in THE truly sustainable agriculture – the production of ruminant animal products! His knowledge, enthusiasm, and speaking style will provide an entertaining and informative presentation.


Twitter: @GrassBased

Website: grassbasedhealth.blogspot.com

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