episode-7 Shawn Baker M.D

Episode 7: Using An All Meat Diet to Break World Records || Shawn Baker M.D.

Episode 7: Using An All Meat Diet to Break World Records || Shawn Baker M.D.


Paradoxes to conventional wisdom are interesting to explore since they can lead to substantial breakthroughs and provoke us to thinking. With the growth of Low Carb, Ketogenic and various fat burning diets challenging mainstream dietary guidelines, what would happen if we simplify our food consumption to only animals?

Time Stamps:

1:00 -  Shawn Baker Introduction.

3:26 - World records broken by Shawn Baker.

6:30 - What is a zero carb diet and its role in human history?

11:01 - Populations that ate mostly meat.

12:00 - What can people eat on a zero carb diet?

14:45 - Animals that can’t be eaten or can be toxic.

17:07 - The role of fruit, vegetables and nutrients in diet.

19:39 - Role of fiber, digestion and microbiome in the body.

23:45 - Has the quality of meat changed with time?

27:14 - Status of meat industry.

30:41 - Noticeable benefits of going on a Zero carb Diet.

38:38 - Have people been on zero carb for a long period of time?

40:30 - Can kids go on zero carb?

43:30 - Weight, fat and muscle gain and loss on this diet.

47:40 - Things to watch out for while living the lifestyle.

55:15 - The self-organized ‘Nequalsmany’ study for this way of life.

59:50 - The goals, biomarkers and variables tracked on the Nequalsmany study.

1:06:15 - Could future researches be crowdfunded?

1:07:13 - Reservations on lab grown meat.

1:11:18 - Athleticism, performance and zero carb.

1:18:018 - Global sustainability of a meat diet.

1:20:44 - What would happen if this diet goes mainstream?

1:22:50 - Discussion of animal cruelty and suffering.

1:25:49 - Popular myths and critique of the zero carb diet.

1:27:26 - Does Shawn supplement with anything?

1:28:09 - What is Shawn’s bloodwork and various health markers?

1:31:38 - Gluconeogenesis… again.

1:34:20 - Balance of Omega 3 to Omaga 6 on the zero carb diet

1:35:54 - Shawn’s message and vision for the world.

1:37:04 - Final plug.

Bio: Shawn Baker M.D. completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in Austin. He graduated with honors from Texas Tech Medical School and completed his Internship and Orthopedic Surgery Residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

His lifelong passion for athletics and strength training has resulted in numerous state and national weightlifting records and a semi- professional rugby career.

As a 50+ athlete who is still breaking records, Shawn has an unusual view on what it takes to stay young and still perform at an elite level.

With a 772lbs deadlift under his belt and the World record for 500m row in the 40-49yr age group at 1.16.5, Shawn shows us how its not just strength but also fitness that can be optimized using simplicity.


Twitter: @sbakermd

Instagram: shawnbaker1967

Study: Nequalsmany.com