Episode 9: The Fight Against Brain Cancer & Building an Ideal Diet || Alison Gannett




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This is one of the most powerful podcasts we have done at Ketogeek and delves into the Pandora's box and the bane of humanity: Cancer. Alison Gannett, surviving through a baseball size brain tumor, is not just leading the charge when it comes to tackling this disease but also an inspirational figure to look up due to her world class accomplishments. We call her the ‘Renaissance Woman’. Must listen, must share!

Bio: Alison Gannett is a Ketogenic Cancer Coach, Self-sufficienct farmer, Climate Change Consultant, and founder of Cooking to Conquer Cancer, The Save Our Snow Foundation and Rippin Chix Camps. Accolades: World Champion Extreme Skier, nominated  “CNN Hero of the Year”, Outside’s “Green All-Star of the Year”, and “Ski Hero of the Year″.

Time Stamps:

2:30: What’s new In Alison’s life

3:35 Alison’s near-death experience with brain Tumor

6:41 Dr. Nasha’s Terrain Ten and how the Ketogenic Diet influences cancer

9:11 Therapeutic ketogenic diet vs. ketogenic diet for body re-composition

10:56 Finding reliable and useful resources for cancer patients

13:02 Why one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work for therapeutic reasons

15:36 Understanding how DNA expresses itself in blood chemistry

18:27 How DNA mutates through generations and externally present factors

20:08 How a high carb diet combined with heavy exercise creates inflammation

23:40 Could you map an ideal diet plan for a human being before they are even born?

26:26 How can I find out I have cancer?

29:43 What biomarkers are relevant and irrelevant for cancer?

31:54 How stress levels and emotional wellbeing can influence cancer growth

35:26 Palatability and food preferences in cancer patients

37:23 Appetite variation in cancer patients

38:56 Sources of proteins while undergoing cancer treatment

42:00 Cancers in which Keto may work or may not work

42:40 Challenges facing liver cancer using Keto

44:32 What kind of physical activities should or shouldn’t cancer patients do?

47:31 While fighting cancer, can it ever be too late?

49:47 Genetics, metabolic theory of cancer and multi-prong approach to fighting cancer

55:03 Hypothetically, what should I do if I have cancer?

56:29 If I am in the medical field, how do I orchestrate the treatment for cancer?

59:49 The future of healthcare and cancer research

1:01:08 What kind of educational events should one attend cancer treatment

1:03:23 Learning from our Paleo roots

1:05:46 How to reconcile with a terminal illness

1:11:17 What kind of support system do people need during cancer treatment?

1:13:38 Keto for people with compromised immune system

1:16:13 Does cancer treatment response vary with age?

1:17:54 What would Alison do if she had unlimited money?

1:20:04 Is there a mantra or motto for people who embark on a life-threatening disease?

1:21:31 Resources and plugs


Alison Gannett: http://www.alisongannett.com/

Twitter: @AlisonGannett

Dr. Nasha Winters: http://optimalterrainconsulting.com/

The Metabolic Approach To Cancer(Book): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1603586865/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1603586865&linkCode=as2&tag=optimterra-20&linkId=6433949b6edf01514b74b86c929f4c7e

Tripping Over The Truth(Book): https://www.amazon.com/Tripping-Over-Truth-Metabolic-Illuminates/dp/B01C3BJI7O/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1503511286&sr=1-1&keywords=tripping+over+the+truth

Low Carb USA: https://lowcarbusa.org/

Ketocon: https://www.ketocon.org/

Ketogenic Resources: www.Ketogenic-diet-resource.com

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