Episode 17: You Can Get Ripped By Only Working Out 15 Minutes Per Week || Lawrence Neal

Episode 17: You Can Get Ripped By Only Working Out 15 Minutes Per Week || Lawrence Neal

 Episode 17: You Can Get Ripped By Only Working Out 15 Minutes Per Week || Lawrence Neal
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People spend countless hours working out to get ripped abs at the gym but it turns out that all you need is a good diet and a 15 minute High Intensity Strength Training workout per week! Time to excavate this further!

Bio: Lawrence is the Founder of Corporate Warrior: High Intensity Training and HIT Business Podcast and Blog (CorporateWarrior.org). He has interviewed over 90 world class health and fitness, high intensity training and fitness business experts to discover the tactics and strategies they use to optimize success in both health and business. Previously, Lawrence had an 8 year long career in B2B technology sales selling complex IT solutions to businesses. After reading the popular fitness book, Body By Science, Lawrence embraced time-efficient high intensity training to achieve his health and fitness goals and free up time to invest in his career and side-business. This lifestyle change enabled Lawrence to close many multi-million pound business deals and grow a successful high intensity training podcast, Corporate Warrior. Lawrence’s current focus is to interview world class experts on high intensity training (HIT) and HIT Business, blog about his own high intensity training journey and HIT business advice, and coach people 1-on-1 to help them realize their own health goals in an incredibly time-efficient, effective and sustainable way.”

Time Stamps:

0:20 – Lots of Updates & News from Ketogeek

7:00 – How did Lawrence Neal get into high intensity strength training & reduce strength training to 15 minutes per week?

11:58 – Why do people spend hours in the gym or training when results can be obtained in minutes?

16:12 – “The Renaissance Man” and generalist approach to the modern world

19:17 – What is HIT style training?

23:15 – Could a HIT training style be tailored for corporate needs?

25:24 – What kind of resources and books does Lawrence recommend?

28:53 – Is there anything else that can be further added to training style?

34:50 – What are some of the health concerns at work place environments?

39:15 – Can long hours at work reduce productivity?

43:35 – How do I start working out when I have no idea how to?

49:48 – Are there concerns with elderly people starting resistance training?

52:36 – When can you introduce kids to strength training?

54:17 – Dealing with excuse “I hate working out!”

55:07 – Dealing with excuse “I have no gym or I don’t want to go to the gym!”

56:42 – Dealing with excuse “I feel insecure going to the gym!”

58:26 – Dealing with excuse “I don’t like creepy guys staring at me!”

59:30 – Do you track biomarkers and count calories?

1:06:35 – What diet works well for Lawrence?

1:12:29 – How can I tell if my coach or trainer isn’t talking gibberish?

1:16:33 – Rohan or Gondor?

1:17:12 – Final Plug

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