What Are The Ketogeek Energy Pods?

What Are The Ketogeek Energy Pods?

What Are The Ketogeek Energy Pods?

What if we created a full ecosystem of educating the public, a platform(our Ketogeek Podcast) to bring top notch researchers and educators and at the same time take the latest in the world of nutrition science and create a product out of it? In other words, Educate using our podcast and articles, Empower with our online communities and Innovate with our products. This entire ecosystem is called Ketogeek while the current product of our "Innovate" pillar is "Energy Pods".

Initially, we started it as a snack we made for ourselves for our long and busy days to maintain the integrity of nutritional ketosis. We used the best ingredients we could find from all over the country while scouring through countless hours of research and science. However, as time passed we shared this snack with people, even those who weren't in the low carb or keto community. Mostly, just a bunch of yoga chicks from Napa to be honest. And bam! We instantly got people wanting to buy our product from us. However, we wanted to more than just create a food product. We wanted it to be a beacon of change for others. We decided to call them "Energy Pods". Currently, they are geared for a Ketogenic lifestyle but since we own all our production infrastructure, we can customize them based on needs and modify it based on the latest research in the world of health, fitness and nutrition. These Pods can be very versatile and can be consumed as frozen, frothed in hot water or coffee or eaten as is in the form of a pudding. 

Here are some of the potential applications of our Energy Pods that were in our mind when we created them:


This one's a given. When you are out and about performing and competing, the last thing you want to worry about is food and nutrition. Your goal is to hunt down your objective, take the lead, put on a show and hence, seek a reliable source of fuel. The Energy Pods do exactly that. Additionally, a state of nutritional ketosis may help with traumatic brain injury.


Many of us use the Energy Pods to supplement their meals. Instead of creating portions of foods based on nutrition parsing, the Pods combine several sources of foods into one tiny container to allow you a ready-to-go snack alongside your favorite food item.


This is where the Pods can shine and have been ordered by several people in the military. When out on the field and combating extreme environments, knowing the potential benefits of nutritional ketosis in extreme environments, we think the Energy Pods are a must-have for the long treks and grinds in such situations. Since they have adequate shelf stability, they can be consumed in all weather conditions. Additionally, ketone bodies produced by nutritional ketosis and catalyzed by our products can help with wound healing.


Under hypobaric(high altitutde) conditions, nutritional ketosis has been shown by Adrian Ballinger to aid in climbing Mount Everest without using supplemental oxygen. Additionally, a Ketogenic diet has been shown to increase brown fat in mice models . Brown fat or brown adipose tissue causes non-shivering thermogenesis which enhances the ability to stay warm during cold environments and hence, nutritional ketosis may be a multi-prong tool against freezing conditions at higher altitudes. 


Improving the workplace environment and production efficiency is important. When days are long and time is short, the Energy Pods provide a nice snack that stomps appetite and provides various strands of fats to provide that extra boost of energy throughout the day. Additionally, since the Ketogenic diet has shown fat loss and improved biomarkers, it can promote a healthy workplace environment as well while enhancing physical and cognitive performance.


If you're out and about and would like to keep a healthy snack with you during your travel excursions or lead a business life always in the air, the Energy Pod is your best friend! It can be kept in the backpack and the strong plastic construction allows protection of the content within it. Since they are lightweight and packed with fatty energy, they are hands down one of the best food snacks you can carry while traveling!


Clinics that are utilizing nutritional ketosis as an adjunct or direct therapy could potentially utilize the higher palatability of the Energy Pods to help promote adherence to the diet which can be a stringent issue when recommending nutritional guidelines. They can also be kept as a sugar-free snack in the waiting room and may serve as a reminder that a ketogenic diet can taste really good too!


Since Ketogeek has its own infrastructure and we are highly science based oursevles, converging from ingredients to recipe, the Pods can be utilized for running nutritional studies to test a high fat diet. They can be tailored to the needs of the study and may help maintain adherence to the study due to their great taste while meeting the requirements of the study!


With more research on the effects of nutritional ketosis on its way and NASA testing ways to combat deep space environments, the Energy Pods could potentially be utilized for such travels with nutritional components broken down to maximum weight to caloric efficiency while inducing and maintaining nutritional ketosis which could potentially have a neuro-protective effect. Additionally, fats pack about 9 calories per gram while carbs are at about 4 calories per gram and since every tiny pound counts in space, this could be a plus on several excursions to uncharted territories! Plus, they taste darn good and are versatile in the ways they can be consumed. As a great quote from human history goes, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"... though we sometimes say, "One small avocado for man, one giant smoothie for mankind!"... ok, I'll stop here.


Where energy efficiency matters, the Energy Pods are the currency. As the population in the world continues to grow and we continue exploring new avenues of nutrition on Earth, our goal is to help our fellow humans flourish and continue building a better future for tomorrow.


We think the Energy Pods are an expression of humanity moving forward in the world of research as far as food, health and nutrition is concerned. We continue to strive hard to learn and apply all our knowledge from experts and researchers across the globe. The Energy Pod was mainly geared for highly productive individuals who like to pursue their goals in life knowing that a company that genuinely cares about their health and wellbeing is working to provide them with a food product that will only help them further in their lives. However, the applications are endless as a cup allows anything to go inside it. In a nutshell, at Ketogeek, we want you to become a beacon of change for others to follow and look up to. Your health and happiness means a lot to us and meanwhile, we want to push the boundaries of science and research.