Episode 16: Using A Meat Only Carnivore Diet To Beat Cancer, Diabetes & Autoimmune Conditions! || Zsófia Clemens

Episode 16: Using A Meat Only Carnivore Diet To Beat Cancer, Diabetes & Autoimmune Conditions! || Zsófia Clemens

"Meat causes cancer" is plastered everywhere in the world of health and nutrition but what happens when you pitch a practically all-meat diet against cancer and various other chronic conditions? Time to find out and bust one of the biggest controversy in human health.

Bio: Zsófia Clemens, PhD, is a biologist and clinical researcher specialized in nutrition, nutritional therapy and brain research. She has been affiliated with the National Institute of Clinical Neuroscience, Budapest and the Neurological Department, University of Pécs, Hungary. She is also the leader of the Paleomedicina Hungary. In international academic journals, She has published 40 research articles with more than 1100 citations.”

Time Stamps:

5:27 - Zsofia's Story

7:32 - Why switch to a Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet?

8:42 - Is healthcare different in Europe

10:06 - What scientific literature does Zsofia use?

14:43 - Are there other groups using a carnivorous diet for treating diseases?

15:32 – Why combine Paleo and Keto for treatment?

17:14 – What is gut or intestinal permeability?

20:39 – How do various food types impact intestinal permeability?

22:56 – Does fiber have any impact on intestinal permeability?

23:37 – How does intestinal permeability create autoimmune conditions?

26:25 – Is leaky gut genetic or is it reversible?

27:30 – What is the PEG 400 test?

29:55 – Any other tests used for measuring intestinal permeability?

32:09 – What causes cancer?

34:18 – What is contact inhibition?

37:22 – Can an all meat diet cause chronic conditions?

38:54 – How does a carnivorous person die?

41:31 – What would happen if everyone in the world became a carnivore?

43:23 – How do you prepare your meat?

44:40 – How do you decide what to add to a carnivorous diet?

46:00 – How do you find out important biomarkers?

47:24 – What happens when you pitch meat against cancer?

55:22 – How do we build science that challenges the entire healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industry?

58:28 – What is the relationship between epilepsy and Vitamin D?

1:00:14 – Evolution and role of Vitamin C

1:03:18 – Is artificially chasing ketones pointless?

1:05:38 – How can you tell good from bad scientists?

1:07:01 – What are the critiques of the Paleolithic Ketogenic diet?

1:08:55 – Do you need to bother about microbiome on a carnivorous diet?

1:12:04 – Is coffee & alcohol ok?

1:18:49 – Is Keto & Paleo just a transitional phase in humanity moving to a carnivorous diet?

1:20:00 – How would you design a perfect diet for humans?

1:20:39 – What’s next for Paleo Medicina?

1:22:49 – Message for carnivores across the world

1:23:57 - Final Plugs


Website: https://www.paleomedicina.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClemensZsofia

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