Energy Pods are Part of The Authentic Culinary and Wine Experience in Napa Valley

Energy Pods are Part of The Authentic Culinary and Wine Experience in Napa Valley

When one visits Napa Valley, the first thing they think about is the farm-to-table culinary and exquisite wine experience. However, as the classic culinary era is coming to a close, in the last year, a new food product, alongside a much more avante-garde exploration of food, the likes of which nothing has ever existed in humanity has been conceived in the suburbs of the wine country. Akin to the first ever chocolate bar, the first glass of wine, or the first cookie, the Energy Pods are the latest and greatest innovation that has hit Napa Valley with a storm.

Though originally conceived as a health product that has helped transform the health of countless people, the Energy Pods are now part of the authentic wine country living and experience that is a foodie and culinary dream come true. Though a gem hidden initially hidden away by the locals, now the world-class chefs and winemakers are flocking to the Energy Pods and bringing them into their own lives.

Why is that? This is because the Energy Pods taste better than any chocolate bar on the market, capture the true and complete flavor of its constituent ingredients, and pair extremely well with wine at events and parties. Normally, when you buy a food product, the extraction of flavor involves using water or alcohol. However, Energy Pods capture the raw flavor profile using complete absorption and extraction using high-quality fats and proteins. For instance, the Breakfast Mocha Noir flavor of the Energy Pods currently captures the full body flavor of lightly roasted coffee beans. When we used medium to dark roast coffee beans while conceiving this flavor, we noticed that the medium to dark roast beans impart a very smokey and burnt flavor which may be appetizing in much industrial food and culinary products but for our Energy Pods, it was too encumbering. This is why we switched to light roast which inherently captures the true essence of the coffee fruit with a perfect balance of toasty notes alongside. The result? Everyone who has tried the Breakfast Mocha Noir Energy Pod thinks it is superior to any cup of coffee or mocha brewed by mankind. Yes, it is that good!

Now, the Energy Pods are starting to make their home among wine enthusiasts, culinary experts and anyone who appreciates high-quality food with unparalleled quality ingredients and at the same time is conscious about their health long term.

Result? Energy Pods are now a significant part of Napa Valley. A visit or an experience without them is incomplete. You can find our product exclusively in Napa here and look at some of our pairing recommendations.