Cooking from Scratch Isn't the Solution for Obesity: Improving Processed Food Is

Cooking from Scratch Isn't the Solution for Obesity: Improving Processed Food Is

About 90% of Americans don't like to cook. We live in a modern world where industrialization is the backbone of nearly all the modern commodities and luxuries in our lives. If you backtrack a few hundred years or witness the brutalities bestowed upon humans by nature, it's easy to see that we live in the manifestation of heaven dreamt by our ancestors. What should be a moment of celebration and a thirst for curiosity has been hijacked by the ideological brainwashing of our minds. 

The industrialization has brought the world closer and skyrocketed scientific research. Industrialization is merely a duplication of good science. From clothing to phones to cars to life-saving drugs, we live in the golden age of relative abundance. The same isn't true for nutrition. 

With obesity rates in the United States reaching above 42%, it is now accepted that modern foods do play a key role in raising this number. The tragedy for most consumers is that they are given extreme choices when it comes to improving their health. Nowadays, we have the 'real', 'whole' buzzword food movement which is merely an ideological movement grounded in the 'appeal to nature fallacy which maintains that anything made by nature is good for us. This is an ignorant and privileged position especially since, under this ideological way of eating, filtered water would be considered too unnatural of an item to be consumed by humans. 

The alternative to convenient and shelf-stable processed and packaged food is preached by many nutrition and health gurus and writers is to make food from scratch. This approach appeals to our innate social nature to 'take down the evil system' rather than 'let us improve something that can benefit mankind.' The 'cooking from scratch' approach is muddied by expensive recipes that use expensive ingredients that many people at the food table may not even enjoy. These recipes also require you to read diet books and perform invisible labor while constructing the recipes ordained by these books. Most of the time, these solutions don't work long term and the consumers are left hanging with abusive relationships with their foods and body.

The truth of the matter is, we need processed foods. In the context of our modern world, we need better-processed foods. Convenient, tasty, and shelf-stable are good things. When the first car made by man had issues, we didn't go back to riding horses or walking. We improved the cars. As a consumer, you should demand better-processed foods rather than be brainwashed by nutrition gurus who continue to segregate us while leading with fear and poor science. In other words, the first thing we need to do is ask the right questions: how can we improve processed foods? That has been the journey for us Ketogeek and our goal for Energy Pods.

Let us change the world.