Calories in Nuts Are Wrong and Why They Belong in a Fat Loss Diet || BLURB

Calories in Nuts Are Wrong and Why They Belong in a Fat Loss Diet || BLURB


Nuts have been part of the human diet for thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands of years so when someone comes up to you and says they are obesogenic or fattening, your alarm bells should go off as to the sanity of the person making such a claim. Modern nutritionism has given birth to a crusade against tasty foods and the same hedonic senses that helped us find food during our evolution which is regressive. Let us look at what the science says


  • In this randomized study(1) conducted in humans, it was found that the calories of almonds are as follows:
    • Whole Almonds: 4.42 calories per gram
    • Whole Roasted Almonds: 4.42 calories per gram
    • Chopped Almonds: 5.04 calories per gram
    • Almond Butter: 6.53 calories per gram

Not so high, is it? In other words, the caloric load depends on small the particle size of almonds is.


In a more practical scenario, people eat a lot more nuts than what is usually stated in the study. In this study(2), participants were fed 10 weeks of 60g of almonds daily versus 10 weeks of no almonds. The participants were given no instruction on how to include the almonds in the diet. What they found out was that the participants had no change in weight while potentially improving cardiovascular risk factors. This was primarily due to the nuts ability to displace out unhealthy foods from the diet.


What about, "I can eat a lot of nuts in one sitting" scenario? Interestingly, this was tested in a study(3) by overfeeding healthy subjects nearly 47% above their caloric needs for 2 weeks compared to candy, they found no substantial increase in fat mass while the sugary candy group did gain weight. The insulin levels were also higher in the sugary candy group.


Paradoxical to the common nutrition myth, regular nut consumption can lead to fat loss due to their higher satiety. Our Energy Pods can contain 20-30g of extremely high-quality nuts(eg. almonds with less phytate content) per Pod which provides adequate dosage that has been shown in several long term studies(4) to provide beneficial health and body weight outcomes. It's important to note that these benefits at this dosage are observed disregarding the level of processing of nuts.


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  1. Leucine: A dietary amino acid that can stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  2. Cholecalciferol: Vitamin D3, also produced when skin is exposed to sunlight


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