Can Adding Almonds to your Diet Reduce Wrinkles? New Pilot Study || BLURB

Can Adding Almonds to your Diet Reduce Wrinkles? New Pilot Study || BLURB


Many people seek anti-aging solutions especially when it comes to reducing wrinkles to look younger. Blanched almonds are an ingredient we use in our Energy Pods and this new pilot study(1) looks promising when it comes to nut intake and helping with anti-aging.


Following are some of the salient features of the study:

  • The study is investigator blinded Randomized Controlled Trial meaning that the carriers of the study were not aware of the intervention
  • The study was 4 months long and in 28 post-menopausal women
  • The subjects either ate 20% of calories(340 calories) from almonds(2oz or 58g) or from a snack of the same calories from cereal, granola or pretzels


Here is our takeaway:

  • Wrinkle width decreased by 10% while wrinkle severity decreased by 9%
  • Calories in nuts are usually lower and vary based on how they are processed
  • Skin health can be a multi-factorial but the results are still promising
  • Most likely almonds are good at displacing unhealthy snacks and foods due to their structural richness.
  • Nonetheless, the results are promising with regards to nuts as a daily add-on to the diet


The study uses 58g of almonds per day which is approximately the number of almonds in approximately two Chocolate Fudge Energy Pods. We use coarse ground blanched almonds which may be superior and have reduced toxicological, oxalates and inhibitory properties compared to raw almonds as used in the study above.

Hence, can we say Energy Pod a Day?


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  1. Structural Richness: Foods that are constructed to provide nutrients at a rate that may favor an anorectic effect, negative energy balance or weight normalization. Structurally Poor: Foods that are constructed to provide nutrients at a rate that may favor obesity and positive energy balance.


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