9 Reasons Why Energy Pods are Superior to Chocolate Bars & an Evolution of Cacao Flavor

9 Reasons Why Energy Pods are Superior to Chocolate Bars & an Evolution of Cacao Flavor

At Ketogeek, we are happy to say, after countless testimonials, taste tests, going through scientific papers, and understanding food and nutrition science from experts and research, Energy Pods are the next step toward what chocolate can do. Here are 9 reasons why Energy Pods are superior to chocolate bars:

1. Energy Pods are Nutrient Dense

Traditional chocolate bars contain cocoa butter, cocoa solids, and lots of sugar. Meanwhile, Energy Pods contain cocoa solids, various types of nuts, anti-oxidants, and various ingredients that are geared for energy, recovery, and performance. Energy Pods are tailored for both athletes and normal people looking to add quality and healthy products to their lives. 

2. Energy Pods are Sugar-Free

By now, it is commonly accepted that free and added sugar plays a key role in many modern chronic conditions. Energy Pods, compared to most chocolate bars, have very little to no added sugar which is a step towards better human health. 

3. Energy Pods don't Gunk Your Teeth

When you eat a chocolate bar, your teeth immediately gunk up and start feeling like sandpaper until you brush them. This can be a precursor to tooth decay and future dental issues. Energy Pods don't do that and may have protective benefits. 

4. Energy Pods Contain MCT Oil

MCT(Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil is a unique fat found in various plant and animal sources that don't get stored in the body. These fats are rapidly converted into ketone bodies which can act as fuel for the body. MCT Oil has been shown in several studies to have therapeutic benefits.

5. Energy Pods have a Superior Flavor Expression than Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars have a waxy texture with a chocolate flavor that lingers only for a short period. Chocolate Energy Pods have a superior and stronger chocolate flavor expression that lasts a while. It is unlike any chocolate product you may have ever tried. 

6. Adequate Protein

Protein is a macronutrient that is critical to our body's ability to grow and repair itself. Energy Pods contain an adequate amount of protein for the body's needs. Chocolate bars barely have any protein. Additionally, Energy Pods have protein that has a complete amino acid profile which is something that may not be present in many protein-based food products.

7. Crush Resistant Packaging

Chocolate and nutrition bars are easily squished and therefore aren't as travel-friendly as the Energy Pods which have strong crush-resistant and compact packaging. As a bonus, Energy Pods, even if they melt, can be recombined within the cup rather than chocolate and nutrition bars completely deformed under high-temperature conditions. 

8. Energy Pods have More Electrolytes than Chocolate Bars & Electrolyte Drinks!

Energy Pods are excellent fuel for athletes since they not only contain quality energy but are also loaded with electrolytes that can help with performance and recovery. Chocolate bars are very low in electrolytes in general.

9. Energy Pods Come with a Compostable Spoon

When people eat a chocolate or nutrition bar, they have to use their hands which can get dirty when someone's out and about. Energy Pods, on the other hand, come with compostable paperboard spoons that can enhance your eating experience.


As you can see, Energy Pods are superior to chocolate bars in every way which is why we consider them to be an evolution of chocolate as we know it. Go grab some Energy Pods and experience the best of the culinary, health, nutrition, and fitness world. Go get some!