8 Reasons Why Better Processed Foods like Energy Pods Will Play a Key Role in Solving the Obesity, Diabetes & Chronic Conditions Problem

8 Reasons Why Better Processed Foods like Energy Pods Will Play a Key Role in Solving the Obesity, Diabetes & Chronic Conditions Problem

When we conceived the Energy Pods, our goal was to make better-processed foods so that humanity can have a convenient, tasty, healthy, and shelf-stable food product that they can simply pop open and eat without having to think about tracking calories or worry about following a restrictive diet. Here are 10 reasons why foods like Energy Pods will solve the global epidemic of diabetes, obesity, and many other chronic conditions:

1. It's Convenient

If humanity was given the option to simply drive a car or make a car from scratch to reach a destination, we know that humanity will pick industrially manufactured cars since this provides rapid transportation to everyone. The same thing happened to the clothing industry which is why clothing is no longer made at home but purchased at a store. People who taught how to sew clothing found jobs in newer industries created by the industrialization of clothing. This is why a high-quality and scalable food product like Energy Pods is essential to making life easier for humans.

2. 90% of Americans don't like to cook

Cooking from scratch is an old mantra that merely advocates inconvenience and focuses on keeping the mass public in ignorance when obesogenic and unhealthy foods can be made at home. Many self-proclaimed healthy foods, when evaluated by scientific studies show that these recipes are equally as unhealthy and bad for you as the claimed 'unhealthy' foods. Energy Pods free consumers from the shackles of cooking while making cooking something to look forward to rather than making it a chore!

3. It creates jobs and drives the economy

When cars, computers, or phones were conceived and popularized, they created several side industries and jobs for people. They drove the economy because they were innovations and brought about a change to the world Similar to that, Energy Pods have the potential to create jobs and help humanity learn and grow. By purchasing Energy Pods and improving your own life, you help innovate and drive our economy forward.

4. We enhance education for our children and future generations

We all know that foods are made of chemicals and humans do not live a 'natural' life. Plants don't grow in straight lines, animals aren't herded in containments and water is filtered. We've overcome some of the greatest catastrophes nature has thrown at us, including diseases and starvation. When we bring forward a product like Energy Pods, we open up the minds of the youth that can further explore what food is all about and apply that knowledge to food products that can benefit mankind. When you buy Energy Pods, you invest in our human future.

5. We converge to better science that simply works

Nutrition science is currently based on very vague observations and associations. Focusing more on a food-driven rather than a diet-driven approach, we can focus more on cause and effects while also converging to science that duplicates well. We can explore the architecture and make-up of food. In many first-world countries, starvation isn't the problem. What we need is good science and Energy Pods can pave the way to such quality science that works.

6. The sky is no longer the limit

Energy Pods are shelf stable. When we put the first humans on another planet, we will need foods that can be easy to produce and carry while having minimal weight. They need to be compact and healthy. Energy Pods fill that void by allowing humans to be explorers beyond just our planet. That is why we call Energy Pods the "food of the future."

7. A professional will always do it better

Nutrition and food recipes almost always set you up to fail. A professional chef and food scientist will always make better tasting and superior foods to any home cook whose main job is to work at their job! What you make at home may not be as good as something as good as a professional. It's almost like going into an MMA match with a fighter who has been training for a decade when you're just an average weekday hobbyist. That's why foods like Energy Pods will be evolving and improving as science evolves.

8. Everyone in society wins!

Energy Pods are always continuing to improve and though they are a high-end commodity right now, over time, Energy Pods will become a healthy and tasty daily driver for humanity. Food should be affordable and helpful. With subsidies, good science, and the popularity of our brand, we can focus on creating a change over the entire globe. This is how cell phones and cars, once expensive commodities, became popular. People believed in a vision. Now everyone has access to items that were once luxuries.

Go get some Energy Pods and help re-shape the food, nutrition and health landscape for the better.