3 Reasons Why Protein Sparing Modified Fast is Terrible, What Quality Science Says

What if someone asked you to pay hundreds of dollars a month to stay in hell? You’d think they were crazy, right? But that’s exactly what happens when you waste time on protein sparing modified fast. Here’s 3 reasons why it’s a terrible idea.

First, it’s unsustainable. In a study, 1403 people tried PSMF and 37% dropped out before the study even began. Those who stuck with it only lost 3% body weight and by year 4, people had regained all their weight back.

Second, PSMF may not have a protective effect against lean mass loss. In a study, varying protein intake between 55 grams per day or 77 grams per day showed that both groups lost equal amounts of weight, fat mass, lean mass and resting metabolic rate.

Lastly, extremely lean foods just aren’t that tasty. That’s why we created Energy Pods. We take the latest food and nutrition science and reformulate our product as we get better science. Go and grab an Energy Pod to help usher in better foods and better science for a better future!