Exploring Culinary Expertise and Entrepreneurship with Chef Aaron

Exploring Culinary Expertise and Entrepreneurship with Chef Aaron

There's cooking at home, there's cooking at a restaurant, and then there's the experience of a private chef, and an engineer turned culinary expert and entrepreneur. Chef Aaron is one of those individuals. We break down how he looks at the healthiness, quality, and experience of food. 


Chef Aaron is a culinary engineer and founder of a meal delivery service based in the food and wine hub of Napa, California. With a background in engineering and hospitality, Chef Aaron is committed to using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients to create delicious and nutritious meals for his customers. His passion for cooking and dedication to healthy eating has made him a rising star in the culinary industry. Join us on the podcast as Chef Aaron shares his journey and expertise in cooking, nutrition, and entrepreneurship.

Time Stamps

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1:42 How did you get into the wine industry?

3:22 How did you as an electrical engineer end up in hospitality?

7:57 Do you like to diversify your experiences or stay focused?

9:26 Why creating an experience is so important in the hospitality 

12:05 What is your favorite ingredient?

15:54 Do you have any story that you have to share in your culinary career?

19:49 What is something that normies miss out on when it comes to cooking?

24:40 How the restaurant industry ends up shooting itself in the foot with ingredient choices

27:33 Do you have a connection with the equipment you use?

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31:18 How do you get started on cooking?

39:40 How can people find you?


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