Understanding Epigenetics: The Science, The Myths, & The Possibilities || FABIAN DELAHAYE

Understanding Epigenetics: The Science, The Myths, & The Possibilities || FABIAN DELAHAYE

Gene-based diets and tests? What is epigenetics? We find out about the actual science behind epigenetics while looking at the cutting edge research surrounding this field and what to expect from it.


Fabian is the Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics & Director, Computational Genomics Core, Department of Genetics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

He is currently developing new analytical approaches for data integration to better understand the regulatory landscape and its implication in disease susceptibility with a focus on early exposure and age-related diseases.


0:15 – Update on Energy Pod, Ketogeek Membership Updates & Future Guest

11:01 – How did you get interested in your field?

17:03 – When did epigenetics gain popularity?

18:25 – What is epigenetics?

22:32 – What factors can change epigenetics?

26:15 – What kind of research papers do you write?

28:47 – What are the capabilities and limitations of stem cells?

31:40 – Is stem cell therapy legit?

34:00 – Can you make predictions about someone’s health outcomes using epigenetics?

35:54 – What would you do with 10 Billion dollars in research money?

39:26 – What is the “Epigenetic Landscape”?

45:57 – What is “stress” at a cellular level?

55:22 – What is the “environment” in epigenetics?

1:01:07 – Can drastic interventions later in life influence human aging and lifespan?

1:08:00 – Understanding factors influencing interventions at a cellular level

1:14:32 – Final guest plugs




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