Supplementation, Understanding Research & Filtering Good From Bad in Nutritional Science || Alex Leaf

There is so much noise about food, health and nutrition but how do you consolidate and learn from it? Above all, what kind of information is relevant and what is just clickbait fodder? In this episode, we go beyond the headlines and behind the scientific abstracts into the depth of nutritional and health science especially since we now have so many dietary protocols ranging from carnivory to veganism. This is one educational gem and a must-listen with Alex Leaf whom we cdescribe as the "Encyclopedia of Nutritional Science".


A certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer, Alex Leaf holds a master’s degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University. He is a full-time researcher at involved in updating the supplement database, editing ERD articles, and blogging about nutrition. Alex also teaches young minds about human nutrition and functional medicine at the University of Western States. He enjoys blending the scientific aspects of nutrition with the pragmatic realities of life to help others achieve their goals.


13:05 – How did you get into the world of nutrition & research?

16:08 – How can we improve nutritional education in colleges?

19:05 – What do you look at when evaluating a study?

21:25 – Explanation different types of nutrition studies. First up: What are “Case Studies”?

25:12 – Second up: What are “Observational Studies”?

28:17 – Third up: What are “Randomized Controlled Trials”?

31:00 – Fourth up: What is “Meta-Analysis”?

33:16 – Data manipulation and other red flags to watch out for in a study

38:54 – How can the general public find correct information instead of being lost in a sea of conflicting clickbait news headlines?

45:28 – What areas of nutrition research should Ketogeek focus on?

47:48 – Importance of overfeeding studies

51:36 – Should you dismiss a study because of “Conflict of Interest”?

55:54 – Why claims about “Mycotoxins” in coffee are probably junk

58:04 – What supplements work and what may be useless?

59:37 – Importance of supplement dosage and how not to waste money

1:01:32 – Black pepper and nutrient-nutrient interaction to maximize supplement effect

1:05:55 – How new supplements are created, synergy of ingredients and downside of green tea extract.

1:07:41 – What commons supplements have helpful or inhibitory effect?

1:09:46 – How can studies be improved or cost less?

1:11:23 – How strong and reliable is the evidence from app-driven data?

1:15:52 – Veganism, Carnivory and caution with anecdote driven diets

1:22:21 – Are there other diets that help with autoimmune conditions and what is “argument from ignorance”?

1:27:02 – The truth about fasting and are there any benefits to fasting when matched for caloric intake?

1:32:08 – Do people compensate for eating less during the fasting period and gain weight instead?

1:35:19 – Definition of “fasting” and does coffee break fasting?

1:37:33 – What would you do with a billion dollars and what superpower would you like to have?



Fahad is the founder of Ketogeek and hosts the Ketogeek Podcast, a world class health show about food, nutrition and health. He is into resistance training, Ashtanga yoga, calisthenics and various forms of training styles. Armed with a idealistic goals distilled in a world of realism, his goal is to help the world make a better place. He leads a life of extreme generalism or as he describes it, 'The Renaissance Lifestyle'.