Napa Valley Turkey Chase 2023: A Record-Breaking Run Fueled by KG Food Company's Nutritious Innovations

Napa Valley Turkey Chase 2023: A Record-Breaking Run Fueled by KG Food Company's Nutritious Innovations

In a spectacular display of community spirit and physical endurance, the annual Napa Valley Turkey Chase, organized by Athletic Feat, reached new heights this year. With over 1600 participants, the event doubled in size, drawing runners from Napa and across the nation to partake in either a 5K or 10K run.

A Community Embracing Health and Outdoor Living

This event marks a significant shift in Napa’s identity, known globally for its wine and culinary prowess. Napa is now emerging as a hub for outdoor living and health. The Turkey Chase embodies this evolution, attracting a diverse crowd of athletes, kids, adults, seniors, and even pet owners. Starting at the crack of dawn, participants were treated to Napa's famed temperate and sunny weather, ideal for outdoor activities.

More Than Just a Race

The Napa Turkey Chase is not just a race; it's a celebration of family and community. Runners received running shirts, coffee, water, nutrition bars, and more, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. A highlight was the Juice truck, offering refreshing cocktails post-race.

KG Food Company: Elevating the Experience

At the heart of this year's event was KG Food Company, both a sponsor and a vendor, presenting their innovative Energy Pods and CocoZen. These products, with their superior taste and nutritional profile, were a hit among the participants. The Energy Pods, a 2oz meal replacement, can be enjoyed as a spread, dip, or pudding, while CocoZen, a 12oz sugar-free, protein-enriched spread, offers a buttery chocolate flavor with almonds as its primary ingredient. These culinary milestones provided much-needed fuel for the runners.

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