Engineering Foods of the Future & Simplifying Food & Nutrition || Chris Bair of Keto Chow

Our first video podcast! What happens when you switch all your meals with one food product that has been reverse engineered from scratch? We talk to the Chris Bair, founder of Keto Chow, who has done exactly that using his keto friendly product.


Chris Bair is a tech geek, most of his training and profession revolved around devops and systems administration. In 2014 he got interested in the world of nutritionally complete meal replacements and started making his own recipes, initially with a regular high-carb version but switching to a ketogenic lifestyle in October 2014. In January 2015 he created the recipe for Keto Chow, publishing it open sourced on the Internet and also selling it pre-mixed for those that didn't want the hassle of mixing it up themselves. Since then, the Keto Chow business has grown until Chris left his "day job" in January 2018 to develop Keto Chow full-time. As a business owner, he now has the freedom to work any 15 hours a day he wants!


2:00 - Energy Pod description and sourcing of our ingredients at Ketogeek

10:46 – How did you get into Keto/LC, Soylent and reverse engineering food?

17:12 – How do individual ingredients impact the metabolism and food itself?

21:14 – What ingredients get a bad rap?

22:09 – Is sucralose ok?

25:21 – Why people freak out about emulsifiers in the ingredients

27:31 – Is maltodextrin an issue?

31:14 – Monk fruit, erythritol and stevia as sweeteners

38:16 – Does fat quantity and types cause higher or lower satiety?

42:17 – Does Keto chow deal with cravings and sweet tooth?

44:12 – Concerns with the paleolithic diet and deriving limitations of an era

50:42 – Real food vs. processed vs. ultra-processed food dogma

53:14 – Resources and books you use?

57:11 – What kind of N=1 experiments have you done?

1:03:22 – Experiment with omega 6 fatty acids and vegetable oils

1:06:03 – Problems and challenges as a Keto food company?

1:09:56 – Constantly updating the food like a software

1:14:37 – How do you make Keto chow?