Episode 25: The Importance of Protein & Myths About Protein Overconsumption || Dr. Ted Naiman

Episode 25: The Importance of Protein & Myths About Protein Overconsumption || Dr. Ted Naiman

Episode 25: The Importance of Protein & Myths About Protein Overconsumption || Dr. Ted Naiman
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Our special 25th podcast episode! As the battle between fats and carbs rage on, we're not only ignoring the importance of protein but also demonizing it. In this episode, we bust away with myths against protein over-consumption.

Bio: Dr. Ted Naiman is a jacked-to-the-gills board-certified Family Medicine physician and has spent his life studying diet and exercise and their impact on health. He has used lifestyle interventions to change the lives of thousands of people and cure metabolic and autoimmune diseases. 

Time Stamps:

6:08 – Dr. Ted Naiman’s story

7:57 – Is the medical community moving towards low carb?

9:20 – How do make the infamous “Ted Naiman Infographics”?

11:40 – Is formal education the way to go now?

13:31 – Obesity & fat storage in an evolutionary context

18:15 – Insulin resistance as an energy overload problem

20:08 – Molecular activity during insulin resistance

20:45 – Exceptions to Low Carb & Keto diets

23:36 – What is your diet plan like?

26:31 – Book recommendations for nutrition

27:47 – What drives you to do good?

31:47 – Can vegan diets work long term?

36:33 – Minimal workout for maximum results

39:12 – The protective effect of muscles

42:17 – Why most blood tests and labs are pointless

46:41 – Protein leverage hypothesis and why protein restriction in most cases is a terrible idea

50:24 – Preferential glucose requirements and hierarchy

52:08 – What is the ‘Protein Sparing Modified Fast’ and how powerful is it?

54:43 – Why carnivore diet is the antidote of veganism but we should reserve concerns

57:09 – Caution about plant foods

1:00:38 – What is ‘adequate protein’?

1:04:58 – Important discussion on eating too much fat and gaining weight on Keto

1:09:44 – Why blood sugar and A1C doesn’t go down and may even go up on Keto and Low Carb diets

1:16:15 – Potato

1:18:27 – When should people reach out to you?

1:21:02 – Bone health, kidney damage, gluconeogenesis and myths against high protein intake

1:24:34 – Importance of exercise

1:25:53 – Final Plugs


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