Episode 23: Using Fat Burning & Keto Diets for World Class Athleticism || Peter Defty

Episode 23: Using Fat Burning & Keto Diets for World Class Athleticism || Peter Defty

Episode 23: Using Fat Burning & Keto Diets for World Class Athleticism || Peter Defty
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Can fat be used as a fuel in world class athletic performance? How can you use science to yield actual results in sports while sifting through intellectual dishonesty and confirmation bias in nutrition studies? This hard hitting and extremely powerful podcast grounded in realism with what actually works while not being stuck in dogmatic thinking.

Bio: Peter promotes fat adapted training and takes science and makes it happen. He’s a triathlete and ultra-endurance coach of coaches for more than 2 decades and coached world class athletes such as Zach Bitter, Timothy Olson and many more. He also works with scientists like Dr. Stephen Phinney & Dr. Jeff Volek who published the FASTER Study (FASTER=Fat-Adapted-Substrate oxidation in-Trained-Elite-Runners) in 2013.

Time Stamps:

0:20 – Energy Pod Updates

9:07 – Using fat as fuel, FASTER study and work with Dr. Stephen Phinney

21:12 – Vespa & Bioactive Peptides

24:35 – Intellectual dishonesty in sports nutrition and supplement companies

31:18 – The China study, debunking nutrition science & the disparity between science and actual results

36:54 – Nutritional balance, carnivory, ruminant agriculture and why eating less is more

43:09 – Confirmation bias in science and its impact on science

45:40 – Relevant studies in sports nutrition

47:01 – Why “Recovery” is a misunderstood buzz word

48:04 – Low Carb vs. High Carb endurance sports

50:08 – Surgical use of carbs in optimizing performance and fat metabolism

54:53 – Ketogains pre-workout protocol

58:06 – Life of primitive man, eating correct and nutritional deficiencies

1:04:09 – Failure of Bulletproof coffee and metabolic efficiency

1:08:16 – Plants are born in ketosis!

1:09:50 – Preferred sources of fats for the body and hierarchy of fat storage

1:12:26 – Fasted or non-fasted before ultraendurance event?

1:15:52 – Electrolyte management and hydration while performing in different weather and seasons

1:21:16 – Affect of fat adaptation on physiology and thermal regulation

1:25:07 – Improvements in motor skills and cognition on fat burning

1:28:39 – Using science as a guide to get results

1:37:01 – How Vespa works

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