Episode 19: Self-Experimenting & Building a YouTube Empire || Matt & Megha of Keto Connect

Episode 19: Self-Experimenting & Building a YouTube Empire || Matt & Megha of Keto Connect

Episode 19: Self-Experimenting & Building a YouTube Empire || Matt & Megha of Keto Connect
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It's hard to find simplicity, relevancy and accuracy in a vast sea of information overload. Matt & Megha have helped changed the lives of countless people by sharing their lifestyle and turning complicated science into simple and practical information, developing amazing recipes and giving a human touch and connection to people that follow their journey. 

Bio: Matt and Megha are the co-founders of KetoConnect and they run a ketogenic food blog and YouTube channel. On their channel they share recipe videos and experiments they conduct within their ketogenic lifestyle. They now also host a podcast, Keto For Normies, where they interview guests within and beyond the ketogenic diet.

Matt has always had a passion for cooking and living a healthy lifestyle.  He spends his days as a computer engineer, and his nights engineering delicious low carb meals.  Originally from Dearborn Michigan, he has spent the last 4 years in Columbus Ohio, San Francisco California, and recently moved to Philadelphia, the birthplace of KetoConnect...and freedom.  He's a die hard fan of Michigan Football, perfectly ripe avocados, and hip hop music.

Although Megha just graduated from the University of San Francisco, School of Law, based on her cooking you would think she graduated from culinary school. She loves to challenge herself on a daily basis and pulls inspiration from family and friends. She spent the past three years in San Francisco getting acquainted with west coast people, but more importantly west coast food. She is now happy to be back in Philadelphia where she uses her SF influence on a daily basis while working on KetoConnect.

Time Stamps:

4:49 – Bio of Matt & Megha

7:53 – Story of Matt & Megha into Keto

13:00 – What kind of books and resources do they use to educate themselves?

15:11 – How do you simplify food & nutrition science for the masses?

18:29 – How is the social circle impacted when you become an influencer?

21:01 – The importance of joining a community

24:10 – The challenges of running your own blog and YouTube channel

25:25 – What kind of routines do they follow?

29:18 – Common pitfalls with people who are new to a Ketogenic Diet?

32:51 – What are some things people do right when they get on a Ketogenic Diet?

35:41 – Importance of Sleep

37:24 – Unique paradoxes and narratives they have observed in their journey

38:30 – What can people expect when they follow Ketoconnect?

41:42 – The 4000 calorie challenge, long term results of overfeeding and other challenges they have done

45:46 – How was lifestyle and foods intake impacted by eating 4000 calories per day?

51:51 – Hacks for doing keto on budget?

54:52 – Doing keto on unlimited budget?

57:42 – How has their journey been with Keto?

1:01:47 – How do I get myself and my loved one on a ketogenic diet?

1:06:47 – What billion dollar gift would you give someone?

1:09:50 – What’s the future of the Keto world?

1:12:57 – Final message to humans

1:14:37 – Plugs


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