Episode 18: Understanding LDL & The Lipoprotein System || Dave Feldman & Siobhan Huggins Part II

Episode 18: Understanding LDL & The Lipoprotein System || Dave Feldman & Siobhan Huggins Part II

Episode 18: Understanding LDL & The Lipoprotein System || Dave Feldman & Siobhan Huggins Part II


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Cholesterol gets a bad rap everywhere. Poor bugger actually has quite a role to play and we decided to figure that out! Get ready to geek out on this two part fireside chat with Dave Feldman & Siobhan Huggins from Cholesterol Code!

Dave Feldman Bio: Dave Feldman is a senior software engineer and entrepreneur. He began working with programming and system engineering at a very young age and has always enjoyed learning new mechanistic patterns and concepts.

After starting a low carb diet, Dave found his cholesterol numbers increased considerably. He then began reverse engineering the lipid system through self-experimentation and testing, finding it was very dynamic and fluid. He has now demonstrated this multiple times by moving his cholesterol up and down substantially in a matter of days.

Siobhan Huggins Bio: After meeting Dave Feldman at Ketofest 2017, Siobhan's passion for lipidology was ignited and she was driven to research all she could in a mad attempt to figure out how lipids were involved in the immune system and chronic diseases. She has since written 2 articles that have been published on cholesterolcode.com  -  on plaque development and LDL modification - with many more posts planned. 

Sio has been keto for 15 months in which time she has lost over 65 pounds, reversed her hypertension and stopped her blood sugars from going out of control. 

Although later to the game than most, Siobhan has dedicated herself to decoding the mysteries​ of cholesterol and is just getting started.

Time Stamps:

2:02 – How can you crowdsource a nutritional & health study?

5:36 – How is social life effected when you decide to become a citizen scientist?

8:05 – Does family history & genetics play a role in heart disease?

9:45 – The most important factor that contributes to heart health

12:01 – What’s the fastest way to die from heart disease?

12:42 – How do you know that the self-study is safe?

16:28 – Who is a “Hyper Responder”?

20:48 – How do exogenous ketones impact the lipoprotein system?

22:32 – What biomarkers should we keep an eye on?

28:40 – How do you differentiate good from bad inflammation in the body?

30:22 – Inversion pattern and how would you devise a scientific study?

35:20 – What kind of parameters would be set for a good scientific study?

37:55 – “The Curious Case of The Small Dense LDL Particle”

43:43 – Can you upgrade or improve the lipoprotein system?

50:22 – Is APOB of any significance?

51:44 – Why no lean mass hyper responders & is there a hypothesis on why keto adapted athletes show lower ketones levels?

53:55 – What future do you see for crypto currencies and how it will influence our political system?

56:12 – Final message

58:22 – Final Plug


Website: http://cholesterolcode.com/

Ketogeek: https://ketogeek.com/

Dave Feldman: https://twitter.com/DaveKeto

Siobhan Huggins: https://twitter.com/siobhan_huggins