Episode 14: The Truth About Fat Loss on Keto & Losing 300 lbs || Tyler Cartwright

Episode 14: The Truth About Fat Loss on Keto & Losing 300 lbs || Tyler Cartwright
Bio: Tyler Cartwright has a fascination with learning, reading, and self-improvement as a person. It's truly a bit of an obsession for him - with a personal library which currently clocks in at just north of 2300 books! At his heaviest he weighed in at 505 lbs, and set out on a journey of self-discovery and leveraged his love of learning with his backgound in science to arrive at a ketogenic diet as a tool for his weight loss. After over a decade of eating a ketogenic diet, and having lost 295 pounds, he has helped to move the Ketogains community forward as one of the most successful communities of contextualized thought on the use of a ketogenic diet and the applications for fat loss, sports performance, and how to help people transform their lives. The Ketogains clients have lost in excess of 20,000 in the last 18 months, and countless lives have been changed because of his insight, common-sense, and practical applications to diet, health, training, and living.Time Stamps:

0:20 - Big Ketogeek Announcement

1:52 – What does it mean to be healthy?

6:08 – What is the Ketogains bootcamp and why it works?

12:04 – Using public selfies vs. a ripped model for promoting weight loss

 16:34 – Tyler’s fat loss journey through a Ketogenic Diet

23:08 – How did Tyler become affiliated with Ketogains?

28:58 – How can you tell your loved one they need to lose weight?

32:22 – Self-worth at any size vs. healthy at any size movement

34:02 – How do you find the right fat loss plan and coach?

38:07 – How drives food satiety?

43:24 – Why people fail to lose weight on Keto?

45:44 – Physiological changes when mimicking a starvation diet

48:00 – Chasing ketone levels and failing at fat loss

50:06 – Neuroticism, measuring blood ketones and dangers of chasing ketones

53:10 – Why are ketone readings scattered all over the place?

54:51 – Honest concerns with exogenous ketone consumptions

56:39 – Ketone policing and actual chronic conditions in which ketone measurement may be beneficial

58:20 – Problems with chasing higher ketones in epileptic children

1:00:10 – Why diet may not even influence Ketone levels!

1:02:12 – Why testing ketones may keep you away from healthy foods

1:03:06 – The cost to benefit of managing biomarkers?

1:04:56 – Concerns with biohacking and overdosing on supplementation

1:09:35 – Using placebo to debunk functionally useless drugs and interventions

1:12:30 – Different types of fasts?

1:14:03 – Loss of lean mass and problems with restricting protein during fasting

1:17:25 – Overblown claims about fasting

1:19:25 – Does fasting help with loose skin during weight loss?

1:25:17 – “Hey Tyler, do I need to fast?”

1:26:00 – Potential concerns with eating disorders and fasting

1:27:07 – Anorexia, body dysmorphia, eating disorders & Ketogenic diet

1:31:17 – How do we become good skeptics and prevent future health catastrophes?

1:39:10 – How do busy people find educators and health resources?

1:43:43 – What kind of research would Tyler like to see?

1:46:00 – Final Plugs


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