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We've spent countless hours experimenting and researching each and every ingredient to make sure we never compromise on quality while at the same time consulting with global experts in the world of food and nutrition to further refine our products. Most of our products are multi-purposed and can be consumed as puddings, drinks, ice-cream and even as a latte, all-in-one! Additionally, our products are geared for several purposes and made to fit any of your goals, from fat loss to athletic performance.

We charge for $6.95 for all order under $75. Above that, the shipping is Free! Since we make our own products, we can sometimes run out of stock and it can take a few days till your order is processed and shipped.

Not currently but we are looking into it.

Yes and several of them are vegetarian friendly as well. Many of them contain nuts and dairy.

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For best experience, we recommend consuming them within a couple of month of arrival. The products are shelf stable and don't need to be refridgerated. This means, you can take them to any of your adventures though including backpacking, hiking, gym, cycling, road trips.. well, the world is yours to explore!

Nope. We don't add any sugar at all! We use a minute amount of our own blended version of erythritol and monk fruit which are low glycemic and do not spike insulin or blood sugar.

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Currently, they don't.


We are in the process of doing wholesale and customization. You can reach out to wholesale@ketogeek.com to let us know of your needs and requirements and we will do our best to accomodate your request.

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