The History & Science of Pesticides & GMOs | Dr. Liza Dunn on Ketogeek Podcast

The History & Science of Pesticides & GMOs | Dr. Liza Dunn on Ketogeek Podcast

In this very in-depth podcast, we take a deep dive into the history and science of GMOs and pesticides within the food and agriculture world. We discuss some misconceptions and important concerns raised against their use. 


Dr. Liza Dunn is an emergency medicine physician and medical toxicologist with a long-standing interest in global health. After completing her toxicology fellowship at NYU in 2006, Dr. Dunn returned to Washington University in St. Louis and started an ACGME accredited fellowship in Medical Toxicology.

Over the following ten years, Dr. Dunn became increasingly involved with global health and humanitarian relief projects. She organized a relief mission to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, started the scholar track in Global Health for the Washington University Division of Emergency Medicine, and is one of the Global Health Scholars for the Department of Internal Medicine.

Over the years, Dr. Dunn began to realize that in order to have a sustainable impact on global health, there needed to be an effort to focus on creative ways of addressing malnutrition and insect-borne illness, two of the most commonly encountered public health problems in developing countries. With that in mind, Dr. Dunn started working as the Medical Affairs Lead for Bayer, a global seed and chemical company with innovative technology that has great potential to remediate malnutrition. Dr. Dunn has lectured nationally and internationally on a diverse range of topics in medical toxicology and global health.


1:00 Latest event for Ketogeek

2:24 Ketogeek and Energy Pod information

3:40 New Infinity Series Energy Pod series

8:18 Innovative 3D printed displays for vendors and retailers

14:18 Dr. Liza's compelling story

23:09 Top misconceptions around pesticides among physicians and the masses

24:16 Are there thousands of unregulated chemicals in the market?

27:31 Is the way we produce food responsible for modern chronic disease(eg. diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc.)?

32:09 What changed your mind regarding pesticides and chemicals in the food supply chain?

36:35 History and deep explanation of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides

40:45 Should I be concerned about pesticide residue on produce at a grocery store?

57:38 What about the concerns of pesticides creating resistance towards those pesticides?

1:07:11 How do you decide whether to use GMOs or pesticides in a certain environment?

1:10:11 The general perception of GMOs in the world

1:16:36 How can consumers learn more about GMOs and pesticides?

1:19:39 Final plugs



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