Neural Response to Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins (Part III) || Fahad Ahmad & Corey Behn

Neural Response to Carbohydrates, Fats & Proteins (Part III) || Fahad Ahmad & Corey Behn

Our last part of the 3-parter science-heavy series on the macronutrients and how they impact energy intake using a 2016 review paper.


Fahad Ahmad is a serial entrepreneur who enjoys delving into the science of food and nutrition. He practices Ashtanga Yoga, Weight Training, Crossfit, Calisthenics, and Plyometric type of training and has been part of the fitness and nutrition world for more than 15 years. He leads the "Modern Renaissance" lifestyle of tapping into multiple knowledge bases to solve a problem.

Corey Behn lives a multifaceted life rooted in a foundation comprised of Yoga, Science, Adventure, and Nature. He has always had a burning curiosity of existence itself, constantly seeking out truth in all corners of the universe. He enjoys the sport of rock climbing and photographing beautiful landscapes and macro scrapes alike. When night falls, the cosmos up above receives his full attention, studying all types of celestial entities. Corey’s role at Ketogeek originates from his love of creative cooking in the kitchen, continuously creating new symphonies of flavor and texture for our tastebuds.


0:45 - Intro, Energy Pod and Ketogeek updates

2:24 - What is Ghee?

3:07 - What are Energy Pods?

6:03 - Topic Introduction

8:56 - Neural response to carbohydrates

10:21 - Critically looking at concerns with refined carbohydrates, “unnatural” and “hyperpalatable” foods

13:29 - Problems with blaming everything on ‘sugar, salt and fat’

17:29 - Critically looking at the science of sweetness, sugars and addiction

20:06 - Is it the sweetness or the energy component of refined sugar that may be the problem?

22:30 - Dopamine release and differentiating between food, eating and drug ‘addiction’

26:02 - Problem with using the term ‘food addiction’ when it comes to being overweight and obesity

27:27 - Is it a binge eating disorder instead of food addiction?

33:24 - Neural response to proteins

34:39 - Protein dependent neural pathways and their relevance to energy intake

39:34 - Can protein be ‘rewarding’ as well?

42:11 - Does protein reduce reward driven behavior?

46:00 - Amino acids can also be sweet or bitter too!

48:50 - How does umami or monosodium glutamate compare to sugary sweet when it comes to intake and preferences?

50:08 - Food motivation and brain reward after protein intake

59:24 - Neural response to fats

1:04:50 - Why do people think fat intake contributes to obesity when fat on its own tastes nauseating?

1:09:08 - Is there a connection between dopamine release and fat intake?

1:10:07 - Can you be addicted to fat?

1:13:00 - Does high fat intake during infancy correlate to more fat intake or obesity in adulthood?

1:15:17 - Is there a relationship between fat intake and brain reward value?

1:18:48 - Author conclusions on the paper

1:21:28 - Our conclusions, change of vision and takeaways from the podcast series and paper

1:24:40 - Small discussion on food architecture and structure

1:37:00 - Final plugs



  • Reference Paper: The macronutrients, appetite and energy intake ( (2016)
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