How To Use Ketogeek Energy Pods For Weight Loss?

How To Use Ketogeek Energy Pods For Weight Loss?

How To Use Ketogeek Energy Pods For Weight Loss?

 The Ketogeek Energy Pods are high in Energy from fat but they can used strategically to promote fat loss. First and foremost it is important to realize that over-consumption of empty fats or foods high in fat can potentially stall or cause weight gain. The primary focus during fat loss is to focus on burning away stored body fat as much as possible and may require a both low fat and low carb intake. However, with that being said, the Energy Pods are a great tool to have on this journey because of the following reasons:


The Energy Pod is mainly geared for fat burning, low carb or ketogenic diets. Sometimes it is difficult to adhere to the diet due to limitation of foods, lack of sweet food options or lack of food options in general. The Energy Pod provides a highly palatable and delicious option to maintain dietary integrity of such diets. It can be part of a low carb, ketogenic or nutty carnivore diet


Based on anecdotal observation, the Energy Pods, due to their rich texture and nutrient dense nature, provide a very satiating snack or meal replacement. They kill cravings and sweet tooth for hours and for many people just one pod is enough for the day. We think of it as replacing all the fat on the plate.


The Energy Pods were designed to be low in sweetness so that they taste good but don't lead to or encourage over consumption. The Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod is the sweetest while the Pecan Coconut & Spiced Walnut are less sweeter. The Coffee Protein Energy Pod is geared mostly to be a high protein and high fat latte frothed in hot water and contains marginal sweeteners in it.


The Energy Pods contain nuts, saturated fats from Ghee and MCT Oil and packs a punch with various ingredients on its own. One of the biggest failures of diets and potential weight gain is when people constantly look for endless foods and recipes to maintain their diet. The Energy Pods are sustainable all-in-one products that can be used as a staple part of a diet and saves countless hours of time spent in the kitchen learning recipes and buying foods to create those recipes.


We recommend consuming an Energy Pod alongside high protein food items such as steak and eggs. Protein heavy foods are satiating and aid in fat loss. We think of Energy Pods as adding an avocado to the meal, except the Energy Pods are shelf stable! This is the principle behind the Nutty Carnivore Diet we employ as well.


The Energy Pods were created to save time and headache of dieting and nutrition and to distill the latest science in the world of food and nutrition into one product. They are part of our dietary protocols and can be a major component of any low carb, keto or fat burning diet, especially for productive and busy people who want quality food and nutrients on the go. Every ingredient has a purpose in it. The product has no fillers and each ingredient used has countless hours of research behind it.



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