The Inspirational Journey of Overcoming Depression & Bipolar Disorder || Carrie Brown

What do you do when you feel depressed and it seems something that is out of your control? What's going on? We go through the inspirational narrative of overcoming clinical depression and bipolar II disorder with Carrie Brown.


Carrie has struggled with depression for as long as she can remember, and after she was diagnosed with BiPolarII Disorder 5 years ago, decided to become her own detective and figure out the root cause. She now lives a life completely free from all medications and any symptoms of BiPolarII Disorder or depression.

She is also a recipe developer and best-selling KETO cookbook author, host of the Ketovangelist Kitchen podcast, and partner of the Ketovangelist Unlimited Program with Brian Williamson and Danny Vega. You can find Carrie sharing free KETO resources at and


6:15 – How was your childhood, upbringing and schooling?

15:42 – How was college for you?

18:41 – How would someone have befriended you?

21:04 – Did you connect with anyone around you?

21:52 – How did your professional career pan out?

28:17 – When did the demons finally catch up?

35:05 - How do I know what’s going on with me?

40:10 – How did you start troubleshooting the bipolar disorder?

45:42 – MTHFR gene mutation and its connection with bipolar disorder

47:15 – How did you get into therapeutic Keto?

53:15 – How did you add foods back into your diet?

57:29 – Was it the ketones that helped?

1:00:56 – What lifestyle changes helped?

1:03:50 – What if keto fails in the treatment?

1:05:46 – Discussion about Lyme disease, how it thrives and potential ways to deal with it

1:15:08 – Differeniating between clinical or situational depression

1:19:17 – Understanding the MTHFR gene expression & its association with various conditions

1:21:26 – How do you start a conversation who has clinical depression?

1:25:05 – Message for everyone

1:27:16 – Cooking and keto

1:29:30 – Final plugs



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