In Defense of Seed Oils and Polyunsaturated Fats | Nick Hiebert on Ketogeek Podcast

In Defense of Seed Oils and Polyunsaturated Fats | Nick Hiebert on Ketogeek Podcast


In this episode, we re-visit the topic of seed oils, polyunsaturated fats and critically look at the ancestral approach towards health. 


Nick is a former student of Human Nutritional Science and Linguistics and studied at the University of Manitoba. He currently works as a blogger, content creator, and nutrition science communicator, and has also contributed work script-writing for HumanOS as well as beta-testing for Cronometer. Nick is also the sole creator of the Nutri-Dex, a novel nutrition ranking tool designed to score hundreds of foods according to the personal nutrition goals of the user.


0:30 Ketogeek and Energy Pod information

7:30 How the topic of seed oils ties with Energy Pods

9:50 The problem with modern health communities online

12:40 Nick Hiebert introduction

15:53 How did you get into nutrition?

18:20 Why are some people able to stay thin when they ‘can eat anything?'

23:19 How did you start getting into the seed oil debate?

30:12 What is a meta-regression analysis?

31:18 What are some common claims made against seed oils?

31:47 Does oxidation of Polyunsaturated fats lead to heart disease?

38:41 What if Polyunsaturated fats were replaced with saturated fats or monounsaturated fats in the same mechanism?

43:08 Does Polyunsaturated fats cause obesity?

49:13 Do Polyunsaturated fats lead to cancer?

55:00 What does it mean to be sunburnt?

59:58 What do you do with anecdotal benefits of an intervention?

1:04:22 Do seed oils disrupt hormones?

1:06:05 Do seed oils cause fatty liver disease

1:12:09 What else contributes to fatty liver disease?

1:16:16 Discussion and critique of the ancestral approach towards food and nutrition

1:30:09 ‘Reductio ad absurdum’ and naturalist fallacy in nutrition

1:34:17 Would you write a book?

1:36:58 Aren’t most rodent studies showing benefits of keto using Polyunsaturated fats?

1:39:57 The practical value of observational studies

1:43:32 Why and when epidemiology can be good evidence

1:47:20 What do you do when a news headline says, ‘blueberry makes you live 5 years longer?

1:50:20 What other resources can a person read regarding polyunsaturated fats and health?

1:52:43 Final plugs


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