Preserving the Past, Navigating the Present: A Journey into Food Preservatives and Additives

Preserving the Past, Navigating the Present: A Journey into Food Preservatives and Additives

Join us on a captivating journey through the history of food preservatives and additives in this informative and engaging podcast episode. From the ancient use of salt as a natural preservative to the fascinating stories behind soy sauce, pickles, and the discovery of canning, we delve into the rich tapestry of culinary preservation methods. Explore the role of sulfur in winemaking, the cautionary tale of formaldehyde, and the rise of modern preservatives like Benzoic acid. Discover the evolution of synthetic additives and gain insights into different types of additives used in food. Separate facts from myths and acquire practical tips on navigating food additives.

Time Stamps
0:27 Episode overview
0:52 Sponsor message
2:08 History of salt as a food preservative and additive
4:37 History of soy sauce
6:49 The History of Pickles
9:00 Sulfur and winemaking
12:45 The discovery of canning food
16:00 Sugar as a preservative
18:28 The cautionary tale of Formaldehyde as a food preservative
20:52 The History of Benzoic Acid and Rise of modern preservatives
23:04 The rise of synthetic additives
24:43 Sponsor message
26:35 Different types of additives used in food
33:45 Facts and myths about food additives
37:04 Practical tips on how to navigate food additives


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