Energy Pods Save You Money. Here’s How:

Energy Pods Save You Money. Here’s How:

Imagine if your banker told you that you can add $10,000 to your savings account but in actuality only end up with two cents in your account but not just that, you now have to make huge monthly payments of hundreds of dollars for the rest of your life to keep those two cents in that account. You would fire that banker but that's how the insanity of food and nutrition works!

Priced at $9.95, the Energy Pod is comparable to a bowl of salad at a restaurant or even your local Whole Foods. Energy Pods are formulated with very high-quality ingredients backed by rigorous science - this likens to the idea of “investing” in your health today by choosing higher nutrient density in your foods. In the long and short run, this practice will save money. Meanwhile, if you would like a detailed breakdown of the cost of Energy Pods, here’s a video explaining everything.

Nutrient Bioavailability

When you buy fresh produce, especially vegetables, grains, leafy greens, and anything plant-based, you don’t always digest all the nutrients due to nutrients being trapped in cell walls, anti-nutrients in plant food that reduce nutrient absorption, and various other factors.

For example, 100 grams of raw spinach has only 2.6mg of iron and out of that only 1.7% is absorbed when consumed. Based on this knowledge, along with food wastage(below), an adult woman would have to buy 75 pounds of spinach to meet the daily recommended intake of iron! The same can be said about various other nutrients and raw plants considered to be 'healthy' and 'nutritious' for some reason.

The ingredients in Energy Pods are finely ground to a very low particle size which allows more nutrients to be absorbed. Additionally, we carefully select ingredients with special properties such as blanched almonds which have drastically reduced phytic acid and oxalate content that, in larger quantities, can be potentially detrimental to health. 

Food Wastage

Did you know that about 1/3 of fresh produce is wasted and an average household in the United States throws away $1850($155 per month) worth of food every year? So, not only are nutrients absorbed minutely due to low bioavailability but we’re also throwing away a huge chunk of the food we buy!

The greens and even meat in our fridge eventually get soggy or expire and then it has to be tossed out. Think about the carbon footprint and despite this enormous wastage, we are still unhealthy as a country.

Energy Pods have shelf stability of nearly 2 years. Plus, unlike greens, they don't shrivel up when exposed to rugged environments. Less waste and more freedom!

Easier on Digestive System

Do you constantly have digestive issues and pain while eating much of the raw and so-called ‘healthy’ foods? We’ve all been there, stuffing ourselves with empty foods that make us feel full to the point of pain. 

Energy Pods are compact and processed to a fine particle size which is easier on the digestive system while containing soluble fibers that help modulate digestion, especially if you are already on a low carb or ketogenic diet. 

Less Dental Issues

Dental care can cost a person $500-1000 per year, depending on where you live. A lot of it results from sugars and carbohydrates that can rot our mouth while certain components such as phytic acid(anti-nutrient that inhibits the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus and rots your teeth!) can also be detrimental. 

Energy Pods use ingredients, especially sweeteners, that prevent damage to your teeth while even potentially offering protection against dental decay.

Manages & Prevents Diabetes

Diabetes costs our country about $327 billion every year with an average cost of more than $16,000 yearly incurred by someone who has diabetes. Crazy, right?

Many of our diabetic customers have found that Energy Pods do not spike glucose or insulin levels all while keeping their hunger at bay. Hence, the Energy Pods, despite being extremely tasty, are able to reduce or prevent the likelihood of type 2 diabetes. 

Labor Cost

The amount of time we spend in our kitchen, finding the next recipe to make and then changing it because someone else didn’t like the food we made, the confusing and misleading world of nutrition, the cleaning of the dishes, racking back the dishes, driving to the grocery store, the encumbering small talk after a long workday during all this and all the extra time that is spent on making food that takes 5 minutes to consume… it all adds up! 

The Energy Pods, on the other hand, are carefully researched and processed to make sure you stay healthy, get to eat a tasty and filling food product and, above all, give you free time so that you cherish time with your loved ones, go outdoors on an adventure, sit by the fireplace, read a book, watch a show or do anything really. Isn’t this the kind of freedom we need in this busy and modern world? Let us do the work for you. 

Other Costs

Home maintenance, kitchen utensils, paper towels, replenishing detergents, wiping counters, maintaining aesthetics of eating and cooking space, fuel cost(we’re hitting $5/gallon here in California!) thinking about the next meal… all of it adds up. 


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. The world of nutrition these days has gone crazy! We spend so much time and money thinking and working for foods that are thrown away 1/3 of the time while little to no nutrients get absorbed while we face digestive issues, become obese, diabetic, and unhealthy, and then continue to do this again and again with different diets, recipes, and foods. 

Let us change that with our Energy Pods for you. Bring them into your life. Simplify and make each moment count. Do something you love with people you love while supporting a great product that is on the course to completely change the food and nutrition industry. After all, we all have to end up six feet under but it’s what we leave six feet above that matters.

Now go get some and let us change the world!