Powering Runners at the Mare Island Marathon: Energy Pods Steal the Show!

Powering Runners at the Mare Island Marathon: Energy Pods Steal the Show!

There’s nothing quite like the community spirit of a marathon. On a beautiful sunny day, we joined hundreds of enthusiastic runners at the Mare Island Marathon in California, hosted by the innovative "Burn Your Couch" or iRecreate.

The marathon was a captivating blend of historical charm and modern vitality. Picturesque Mare Island, steeped in history, was the perfect backdrop to an event showcasing the cutting-edge trends in fitness and nutrition. Our photos from the event beautifully capture the lively atmosphere, the rich local culture, and the stunning landmarks of the Island.





The highlight of the day, for us and many participants, was our vendor booth. Set amidst the hubbub of the marathon, our stand was an oasis of delicious and healthy snacks, inviting marathoners and spectators to discover and enjoy our Energy Pods.

Throughout the day, our booth was buzzing with activity. Runners, visitors, and fellow vendors flocked to our stand for a taste of our Energy Pods. Their reactions were priceless – eyes widening in surprise, followed by smiles of delight. And more often than not, they left with a few of our Energy Pods in their bags.


Our photos beautifully capture these interactions. They reflect the excitement, the enthusiasm, and the unanimous love for our Energy Pods. They show just how seamlessly our Energy Pods fit into the active, health-conscious lifestyle of today's individuals.

These snapshots from the event are more than just memories. They represent our commitment to providing wholesome and tasty snacks that don't compromise on quality or nutrition. They're a testament to the love and support we've received from the community. And they inspire us to keep innovating, creating, and delivering exceptional products like our Energy Pods.




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