Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

The biggest misconception in nutrition and health is that eating fat will make you fat. High quality science says otherwise. The truth is, eating too much of anything isn't a great idea while at the same time "too much" depends on your goals and what the thing you're eating "too much" is.

Fat is high in calories with about 9 calories per gram whereas carbohydrates and protein are generally considered 4 calories per gram. The false conclusion in the last few decades was that just because something is high in calories, it will likely result in fat gain. Since fat is higher in calories, it is likely the driver of weight gain. However, this has been proven false by many individuals and studies showing low carb and ketogenic diets can lead to fat loss.

The key concept to understand here is that each food has its compensatory response. What this means is that if you eat something high in calories but all of those calories are compensated by a reduction in caloric intake later throughout the day then the specific food item was fully compensated. The old way of treating the body like a calorie-burning furnace is impractical as most people eat "food," not "calories." Additionally, calories on commercial food labels can be off by 20%.

Many foods that are high in fat can lead to fat loss because they are fully compensated by a reduction of food, and consequently, caloric intake, later throughout the day. This is also the reason why many people who consume Energy Pods notice that they don't eat as much food throughout the day and their diet becomes more efficient with fewer fillers. Even in scientific papers, there are examples of several high-fat foods such as nuts which have shown a strong compensatory response while, interestingly, foods such as protein shakes favor a positive energy intake due to low compensatory response.

The conventional myths led to the creation of lower-calorie foods which substituted in sugars and refined carbohydrates for fat and despite this, obesity rates and chronic conditions have been spiking. Many low-calorie foods don't work because they have a weak compensation. They may make you feel full for half an hour but then you'll be eating something right away. This will lead to overconsumption despite eating 'low-calorie foods.' This low-calorie trap is not discussed in most nutrition and health spheres.

Much of the conventional nutrition advice is false which leads many consumers such as yourself to not obtain the results they seek. Conclusively, it's not as simple as saying eating fat causes fat gain. Many fats or fat-based foods may be exceptionally filling and lead to normalization of weight or even help you reach a lean physique, given minimum protein requirements are met.

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