Balancing Business, Philanthropy, and Life: Insights from Vintner Ian Devereux

Balancing Business, Philanthropy, and Life: Insights from Vintner Ian Devereux

Creating successful businesses is a challenge but will it be a fulfilling and rewarding experience? How can you focus on things that matter while being productive, enjoying hobbies, giving back to the community, and having a family all at the same time? Ian shares his lifestyle and business journey and how he can make it all work and reconcile it with all the highs and lows in his life. 


As the Vintner, Ian Devereux is responsible for everything from vine to bottle at Smith Devereux Napa Valley. He began his career in the wine industry as the Wine Country Director for 7x7 Magazine, where he launched and authored 7x7’s dedicated Wine Country page and developed multi-platform marketing campaigns for over 200 wineries. After traveling the world learning and writing about wine and winemaking, he co-founded Smith Devereux (first vintage 2012). In 2014 Ian accepted his current role as Wine Director for Modern Luxury’s San Francisco Magazine where he works with writers to support wine countries around the globe, sponsors and hosts celebrated events, including the Humanitarian Awards, the Napa Valley Film Festival, and SF Magazine Best of Wine Country. He is active in several local charities, makes philanthropy and giving a part of everything he does, and plays rhythm and lead guitar for High Noon Band.

Time Stamps

0:24 The theme of this podcast

1:10 Sponsor message

1:50 Ian's backstory

3:50 How did you evolve past the "American Dream"?

6:00 The biggest obstacles you faced? 

7:40 How did you form meaningful connections during your business career?

9:56 What kept you up in life when you were feeling down?

12:45 If you were to take a troubled friend to a bar, what would you say to them?

14:46 How do you wear so many hats and keep everything balanced in life?

17:20 How did you get into the wine world?

21:05 Why did you get so involved in philanthropy and public mental health?

24:14 The challenges of externalizing something very internal

27:43 How can I give back to the community?

30:17 What is one life-changing experience you've had?

34:03 Who were the key people or things in your life that influenced you much?

37:43 Sponsor message

38:50 Do you have any consistent habits that you'd like to share?

43:23 Were there things in the past you'd like to change?

44:50 What is your final message to the public?

46:11 How can people find you? 


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From launching and authoring 7X7's dedicated Wine Country page to co-founding Smith

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DeVeroo, NAPA Valley, Ian has had an incredible journey in the wine industry.

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He's traveled the world, learned about wine making and now oversees everything from

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wine to bottle, but it's not just about wine for Ian, he's active in local charities

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and making philanthropy a part of everything he does.

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I am someone who went from following what I believe to be kind of the American vision

00:01:56,560 --> 00:02:02,560
of success in terms of money going to college doing all the things that I thought wanted

00:02:02,560 --> 00:02:06,000
it to do to be successful.

00:02:06,000 --> 00:02:10,520
And I am someone who along the way stumbled and fell a whole bunch of times on my way to

00:02:10,520 --> 00:02:17,800
the realization that what others consider success may not be what I consider success.

00:02:17,800 --> 00:02:20,400
So I've had a ton of entrepreneurial adventures.

00:02:20,400 --> 00:02:27,920
I've had many different paths that I've taken mostly to find that what's true and authentic

00:02:27,920 --> 00:02:32,080
to me was inside all the time.

00:02:32,080 --> 00:02:33,880
And so that's where I am now.

00:02:33,880 --> 00:02:35,920
And so I've had a pet toy company.

00:02:35,920 --> 00:02:38,800
I've worked for a publisher, a spiritual publisher.

00:02:38,800 --> 00:02:40,200
I helped rebrand a Bible.

00:02:40,200 --> 00:02:41,720
I worked for a marketing company.

00:02:41,720 --> 00:02:43,360
I owned a marketing company.

00:02:43,360 --> 00:02:44,360
We worked for cheese.

00:02:44,360 --> 00:02:45,360
We worked for everything.

00:02:45,360 --> 00:02:50,360
We can possibly imagine I currently own a winery at Britain for a ton of different magazines.

00:02:50,360 --> 00:02:52,920
I'm currently still the wine director for one of them.

00:02:52,920 --> 00:02:57,800
I've got a wonderful little winery called Spith Everwines where I make philanthropy series

00:02:57,800 --> 00:03:03,480
wines and wines with my brand and wines with the set of the entertainer and famous drummers

00:03:03,480 --> 00:03:04,480
all for mental health.

00:03:04,480 --> 00:03:10,520
I am board of directors for a modern family justice center and a strong believer in the justice

00:03:10,520 --> 00:03:13,080
center model in the growth of that in America.

00:03:13,080 --> 00:03:19,600
Below all of that my true passion is music and songwriting and blessed to be playing ballerarch

00:03:19,600 --> 00:03:23,800
this year and be playing music and recording albums with your other guys who I love his

00:03:23,800 --> 00:03:26,240
brothers and who make music with me.

00:03:26,240 --> 00:03:32,520
And so that is a lot of words but hopefully a short synopsis from my 43 years on this plan.

00:03:32,520 --> 00:03:37,080
One question I have here is that you mentioned that you had that sort of initial American

00:03:37,080 --> 00:03:42,400
dream sort of drive and then you suddenly moved into like all this philanthropy.

00:03:42,400 --> 00:03:48,120
Did you have like a ha moment or how did this transformation this entrepreneurial transformation

00:03:48,120 --> 00:03:49,120

00:03:49,120 --> 00:03:52,960
What happened for me ultimately the first thing was when I started the pet toy company.

00:03:52,960 --> 00:03:58,560
I did that because there was an opportunity to make money.

00:03:58,560 --> 00:04:04,320
I saw that the I mean the pet sales channel was just exploding people were starting to spend so

00:04:04,320 --> 00:04:07,360
much money on pets and so I saw an opportunity and involved them.

00:04:07,360 --> 00:04:12,080
So I made 20 inch puppets designed for interactive play and training with dogs.

00:04:12,080 --> 00:04:16,960
Got them to the SPCA starting to do all these different things and magazines my whole life

00:04:16,960 --> 00:04:22,960
was pets and pet toys and I realized that while I love pets and I love people I do not love

00:04:22,960 --> 00:04:25,880
people who love pets more than people.

00:04:25,880 --> 00:04:30,960
And so I was chasing my tail I was at events where I didn't belong and people asked me

00:04:30,960 --> 00:04:34,400
what noise my dog made and I made like a hominist.

00:04:34,400 --> 00:04:38,880
Nothing I wanted to talk about less and so that was the first time I realized well I followed

00:04:38,880 --> 00:04:43,360
the money instead of my passion and this is led me to a place of unhappiness but it didn't

00:04:43,360 --> 00:04:44,720
didn't sink in.

00:04:44,720 --> 00:04:49,760
It took me quite a few more ventures before I realized that following the money wasn't going

00:04:49,760 --> 00:04:54,400
to work for me and when I had a lot of money and when I was seeing success in the dollars

00:04:54,400 --> 00:04:59,360
the things that I really love the things that mattered most to you music and family and human

00:04:59,360 --> 00:05:02,480
interactions and deep authentic connections.

00:05:02,480 --> 00:05:06,080
I didn't realize at that time in my life that that's what was important.

00:05:06,080 --> 00:05:11,680
I did realize how deeply unhappy I was and ultimately it took a not an egg I guess it was an

00:05:11,680 --> 00:05:14,800
aha moment but it was really more of a crashing burn moment.

00:05:14,800 --> 00:05:22,720
I had too much to drink and I got my car and started driving and I got pulled over and given

00:05:22,720 --> 00:05:25,760
the DUI and best day of my life man.

00:05:25,760 --> 00:05:32,160
It brought me to this realization in so many ways that my path had gone to skew and that I was

00:05:32,160 --> 00:05:40,720
really lost and so much of that came from this drive towards a vision of success that was not my

00:05:40,720 --> 00:05:44,640
own. I had grown very far from my own true north.

00:05:44,640 --> 00:05:53,920
What was one really sort of big obstacle in this journey like a hurdle that really troubled you

00:05:53,920 --> 00:05:58,960
for a while and you had to work really hard to get over and how did you come over?

00:06:00,960 --> 00:06:04,560
Social. I thought that in order to be happy I had really really social.

00:06:04,560 --> 00:06:09,840
I thought that in order to be successful I had to be really social. I thought that the number of people

00:06:09,840 --> 00:06:17,520
I knew and the number of people who liked or loved or regarded me in positive ways from business

00:06:17,520 --> 00:06:24,800
to whatever that may be. I thought that that was what would help me be successful and I also learned

00:06:24,800 --> 00:06:32,400
in that process that it was what I was filling myself up with. I was externalizing all of these things.

00:06:32,400 --> 00:06:37,920
All of my potential joy and potential success were all based on other people.

00:06:37,920 --> 00:06:44,080
The biggest hurdle for me was letting go of all of that and trying to find success.

00:06:44,080 --> 00:06:51,600
My depth of success and happiness within. The transition from being social at all the time

00:06:51,600 --> 00:06:57,280
being the life of the party and being the center of the party and running around and defining myself based on

00:06:57,280 --> 00:07:04,880
relationships to cutting those ties where necessary or reducing those relationships and looking inward.

00:07:04,880 --> 00:07:11,520
It was the biggest hurdle probably in my life. It's been most of my life defining myself based on

00:07:11,520 --> 00:07:17,280
how others felt about me and defining success in that same way and so it was overcoming

00:07:18,160 --> 00:07:26,640
that deep inner need to be loved and the idea that it was being loved and all of those social relationships

00:07:26,640 --> 00:07:33,200
that would be to success. Was authenticity something very hard to find in business?

00:07:33,200 --> 00:07:39,600
How would you go about it? How would you form meaningful connections during this entire period of time?

00:07:39,600 --> 00:07:45,680
Well during that time for me meaningful connections were who is that party you know?

00:07:45,680 --> 00:07:50,080
And I'm not by party and I don't mean getting craziness. I mean as who was I out? Who was I shaking hands?

00:07:50,080 --> 00:07:55,920
Who's eyes lit up when I walked into a room? Who gave me hugs? Who called me brother? All these other things?

00:07:55,920 --> 00:08:00,720
When I was out moving and shaking all of those things like that was that was that was that

00:08:00,720 --> 00:08:04,720
I mean it was a fire was hot everywhere I went. I think we're driving people like

00:08:04,720 --> 00:08:08,720
"Fing out your guitar" that's rocker roll what he and do my phones blown up. I'm more

00:08:08,720 --> 00:08:16,160
commememines than I knew what to do that was rocker roll man things were moving fast and so it was

00:08:16,160 --> 00:08:24,880
really interesting transition away from that rock and roll status to a slower, more authentic or

00:08:24,880 --> 00:08:30,720
genuine sense of doing business so rather than how many people love my brand how many places carry

00:08:30,720 --> 00:08:35,920
my brand how many states are my brand and how many distributors are carrying my product to

00:08:36,560 --> 00:08:43,520
how well do I know the human beings that are carrying my product how well do I know their customers

00:08:43,520 --> 00:08:53,040
how well do I know the stories of the people who are opening these balls of why and how when I walk away

00:08:53,040 --> 00:08:59,440
from this how many of these people can I call you know friends for how many of these people can I say

00:08:59,440 --> 00:09:06,880
that I know even just at a surface level and really know me even if it is surface level how many people

00:09:06,880 --> 00:09:11,920
have been completely honest with how many people have been by myself with and how many of them have I

00:09:11,920 --> 00:09:20,480
just projected a self that I want others to see and so you know that that was that was an awesome transition

00:09:20,480 --> 00:09:28,800
for me internally to take us back and start focusing on authentic genuine relationships that were

00:09:29,280 --> 00:09:35,520
qualifiable instead of quantifiable. During this entire journey I'll give an example

00:09:35,520 --> 00:09:42,320
when I started business for me working out at the gym lifting some iron, that brought me salvation

00:09:42,320 --> 00:09:49,280
it was like a recuperation thing it was an anchor in life so throughout your journey what were some of the

00:09:49,280 --> 00:09:55,360
big anchors that kept you up when you were feeling down and why were they so effective?

00:09:57,040 --> 00:10:03,680
Well a lot of them were effective I was down a lot of the time I've spent a life of big highs and really

00:10:03,680 --> 00:10:10,000
high highs and really low lows at the least until probably the last few years but like you going to

00:10:10,000 --> 00:10:16,960
the gym fitness and health have always been an anchor for me you know going to the gym what that does

00:10:16,960 --> 00:10:22,480
to my mind what it does to my body what it does to me for the moment and for the future and that's

00:10:22,480 --> 00:10:28,400
one of the things I love about fitness and health is it feels good now it produces good results now and you're

00:10:28,400 --> 00:10:33,600
actually building towards the future so many choices we make are only good right now and could lead to bad

00:10:33,600 --> 00:10:39,440
or vice versa and so that has really helped me down is kept me going is kept me in the moment and it's

00:10:39,440 --> 00:10:43,840
allowed me to peer at the future but that's trying to live in the future my feeling and understanding

00:10:43,840 --> 00:10:48,480
is to live in the past is depression to live in the future things I hate but this is one of the

00:10:48,480 --> 00:10:53,360
places where you can work towards the future and be healthy right now and I love that about it that's been an

00:10:53,360 --> 00:10:59,120
anchor for me and for those exact reasons for music because whether I'm happy or I'm sad sitting now with

00:10:59,120 --> 00:11:06,640
my guitar with seven plants it's that's 14 years old and writing a song is such a beautiful way to

00:11:06,640 --> 00:11:12,560
let feelings now and to put feelings into words and oftentimes to understand feelings in a different

00:11:12,560 --> 00:11:17,680
way I would sit down to write a song about experience and then to writing a completely different song

00:11:18,560 --> 00:11:24,080
and it would be really interesting to look at where why did that come out why is it that my brain is so

00:11:24,080 --> 00:11:29,840
focused on one thing but my spirit or my soul is somewhere else and it was really cool to notice the

00:11:29,840 --> 00:11:35,360
disconnect between this machine I call a brain that's designed and running a super old program just to

00:11:35,360 --> 00:11:40,560
keep me alive versus what was actually coming through my fingers and through my voice as I was playing music

00:11:40,560 --> 00:11:46,720
some music has tied me down and helped me find truth even when my brain was justified or doing

00:11:46,720 --> 00:11:52,880
something and running you know you call them monkey mime I'm just going crazy so music fitness the love of my

00:11:52,880 --> 00:12:01,040
family now my children I got five year old in the year old boy they hold me down and ultimately the

00:12:01,040 --> 00:12:07,920
deep, deep feeling inside that I did have a true north that there was there was a spirit inside of me

00:12:07,920 --> 00:12:12,560
that's been there all along that I was going to be able to find it again you know I knew somewhere

00:12:12,560 --> 00:12:21,360
and somehow and so those things I think fitness music spirituality family okay let's run through a really

00:12:21,360 --> 00:12:27,520
interesting scenario let's say you have a really close friend and they're feeling bad about their

00:12:27,520 --> 00:12:33,360
day they're not could be either a business person or they could have a really excruciating or really

00:12:33,360 --> 00:12:39,280
tedious job so they're overall having a bad day so they're like dude Ian I want to hang out with

00:12:39,280 --> 00:12:44,480
the and you guys go out and have a drink or get some food like what would the conversation be like for

00:12:44,480 --> 00:12:52,320
yeah what would you say to them well I mean ultimately I would try to listen and I would try to as best

00:12:52,320 --> 00:13:00,080
that I could help them find a perspective that might not be the one that they have someone

00:13:00,080 --> 00:13:04,880
far-wise as then I want said to me the difference between having an hell is merely a pair of sunglasses

00:13:04,880 --> 00:13:12,560
you choose to wear and so if somebody was having a bad day I would try to in a different way than I do

00:13:12,560 --> 00:13:19,680
to my kids help them see it from a different perspective help share my experiences as relevant

00:13:19,680 --> 00:13:26,320
or irrelevant as they may be so that they might see that they're not alone um I don't pretend to have

00:13:26,320 --> 00:13:31,360
answers for anybody but I do have a lot of experience and my hope is that in sharing that experience

00:13:31,360 --> 00:13:36,560
to the experience of others they might feel less alone and they might be able to learn something from them

00:13:36,560 --> 00:13:43,360
but the one thing that I was lean on and tell my kids is the good things the wonderful things

00:13:43,360 --> 00:13:50,880
the sweet things the successes and I being success by the definition you choose as success those are

00:13:50,880 --> 00:13:56,400
worth a wink in the tip of the cat but it's the things that hurt it's the sad things it's the hard things

00:13:56,400 --> 00:14:02,480
the things they not to win out of a sad not to stand those are the things that really deserve our gratitude

00:14:02,480 --> 00:14:08,080
those are our opportunities to grow and to change and to embed ourselves and find our true

00:14:08,080 --> 00:14:13,520
north so in all of the pain or suffering that they have help them find if they you know help them

00:14:13,520 --> 00:14:20,320
understand my experience see if that's helpful help them potentially ship perspective if they're available

00:14:20,320 --> 00:14:26,240
to it and if I can remind them that it's the tough times that are the most meaningful and then they

00:14:26,240 --> 00:14:32,640
get to opportunities man speaking of friends and family here's the big elephant in the room as well

00:14:32,640 --> 00:14:43,440
how do you even manage all of this man it's like a band an amazing wine that you're creating all

00:14:43,440 --> 00:14:48,480
of this stuff how does this man do it how do you do it in it's it's interesting I think that on the

00:14:48,480 --> 00:14:55,280
outside people seem like I have this crazy busy life and and I do I've got a really full life I'm coaching

00:14:55,280 --> 00:15:05,440
my kids baseball team but I sleep seven hours and you know I have spare time and you know part of it

00:15:05,440 --> 00:15:14,720
I really think is making a choice not to be chasing things all of the time there's a saying

00:15:14,720 --> 00:15:20,400
religious or not let's define God for this perspective for this purpose as the great outdoors or just

00:15:20,400 --> 00:15:28,640
whatever it is but the saying goes let go and let God and what I believe that to mean for me is

00:15:28,640 --> 00:15:35,600
letting go of the chase you I'm not suggesting that anyone should be complacent or lazy or that

00:15:35,600 --> 00:15:42,880
anything will come to you if you stay in bed but doing more doesn't mean you're going to have more

00:15:42,880 --> 00:15:48,000
and having more doesn't mean that you're going to be more fulfilled so the way that I believe that I'm

00:15:48,000 --> 00:16:01,280
able to do as much as I do is by remaining calm by binding peace and by accepting that I can only be

00:16:01,280 --> 00:16:08,560
my best self in any given day and in any given situation so rather than keeping a checklist I refuse to

00:16:08,560 --> 00:16:15,680
have a checklist my belief is that the things that need to be done will be done the things that I naturally

00:16:15,680 --> 00:16:22,080
prioritize will be achieved and anything that I forget or don't do either wasn't meant to be done

00:16:22,080 --> 00:16:28,320
or if I do make a mistake and I make plenty that I will have the relationships and the peace of my

00:16:28,320 --> 00:16:36,160
dual college eyes for those mistakes avoid making them again but ultimately the way that I do as many

00:16:36,160 --> 00:16:43,520
things as I do as I remove clutter I remove guilt anything that I say my brain tells me I should do

00:16:43,520 --> 00:16:50,720
I don't that's one thing that helps a lot my brain says you should I refuse to do that thing not

00:16:50,720 --> 00:16:55,760
necessarily later but I won't do it in a moment if my brain says you should work out I say thank you

00:16:55,760 --> 00:17:01,360
brain you're trying to protect me and it's not a bad idea to work out but not right now I'm not going to

00:17:01,360 --> 00:17:08,080
work out because I should I'm going to work out because I desire I will because I want because I feel right

00:17:08,080 --> 00:17:14,480
now is that time so I will not should all over myself I think that helps out too I've had your wine

00:17:14,480 --> 00:17:20,080
it's awesome how did you get introduced into the wine world here in the valley Napa Valley

00:17:20,080 --> 00:17:27,280
originally through my maw really she used to bring me up here to pick up her wine clubs and I bring

00:17:27,280 --> 00:17:32,080
my skateboard and I used to think so I was born and raised in the Bay Area I actually born in LA but raised in the

00:17:32,080 --> 00:17:37,200
Bay Area and she bring up here I'm up here like dude this is not what people do okay this is so

00:17:37,200 --> 00:17:43,040
boring we should tear all of these vines out and raise horses or cars or do something cool what a waste

00:17:43,040 --> 00:17:49,200
of space and what are we doing around here sit around drinking wine for and did and then I'm going to

00:17:49,200 --> 00:17:54,160
bartender down in Canobarra and as a bartender down in Canobarra you kind of have two paths you can

00:17:54,160 --> 00:18:00,960
take one of them is the path of man it's a dark path where you go out and all the events where the

00:18:00,960 --> 00:18:05,680
liquor companies take you out on boats and out on parties and all these crazy wild things I mean

00:18:05,680 --> 00:18:10,720
their lines around the corner to use the bathroom and nobody's going to the bathroom and everybody

00:18:10,720 --> 00:18:15,760
comes out looking like they just fake you take you know like wow okay this is dangerous man so that's

00:18:15,760 --> 00:18:20,080
one path the other path is to go to winers and so some of my friends from musicians and that

00:18:20,080 --> 00:18:25,040
plays music with them and I started to get them a wine scene and I found a place where there was certainly

00:18:25,040 --> 00:18:32,640
danger lurking but where people were imbibing they were experiencing alcohol and life and music in a

00:18:32,640 --> 00:18:38,640
place and it wasn't just about getting trashed and getting naked but rather just getting together and

00:18:38,640 --> 00:18:43,520
having fun and so that was my first really experience with one then the true impetus for me to get into

00:18:43,520 --> 00:18:47,680
the industry I had been I finished the job working for lonely clan of travel guides and I was given the

00:18:47,680 --> 00:18:55,680
opportunity to write about wine because I had been traveling up to date this girl in Napaballi and my friend

00:18:55,680 --> 00:18:59,680
who ran this magazine knew about that and he said okay we need somebody to write about wine and

00:18:59,680 --> 00:19:03,040
know you don't want to work for lonely clan of travel guides anymore because you don't want to be on the

00:19:03,040 --> 00:19:08,000
road all the time you want to build in one place well what about writing about wine while you're up there

00:19:08,000 --> 00:19:11,440
and I was like yeah I'll do it man I don't know much about wine you said you don't need to I want

00:19:11,440 --> 00:19:15,440
to write about the experience I want you to do this like you did it lonely clan right about

00:19:15,440 --> 00:19:21,840
experiences so people can better understand where to go and what to do and that was at the time where SEO

00:19:21,840 --> 00:19:27,920
was just becoming a thing and they invested this magazine seven by seven invested heavily so my first

00:19:27,920 --> 00:19:36,080
article I got like 300,000 reads wow right and so I was invited all over the world to write about wine

00:19:36,080 --> 00:19:42,800
experiences and I did that for 10 years and during that time I fell in love with married and had my first

00:19:42,800 --> 00:19:50,080
child with the woman who I met your family that and the wine industry up here since 1983 and we're still

00:19:50,080 --> 00:19:56,000
many happily married and all that is stuff is going on and so I was interviewed somebody 10 years into

00:19:56,000 --> 00:20:02,400
writing and he asked me how long I've been writing and I answered about 10 years and he says to me wow

00:20:02,400 --> 00:20:12,080
that is a long time to just be telling other people stories and I was like you did but um yeah

00:20:12,320 --> 00:20:19,840
but he he was barking I actually left that meeting that interview went back to my office that I

00:20:19,840 --> 00:20:25,040
shared with the friend of mine whose family was farming in Apabilis in the 60s said dude I want to buy

00:20:25,040 --> 00:20:29,280
some grapes and make a wine I'm ready to do this myself and he said I have a better idea I'm farming like

00:20:29,280 --> 00:20:34,080
50 venues we can get contracts on those grapes I know you've friends with winearies we can do everything

00:20:34,080 --> 00:20:39,680
from buying a bottle right now if you want to start a wine company with me and that's like wow let's

00:20:39,680 --> 00:20:48,560
do this and that was now 11 vintage years ago and that is when Smith ever over again man I love your stuff

00:20:48,560 --> 00:20:54,800
holy moly so you've delve into philanthropy as well so let's talk a little bit about that like what are

00:20:54,800 --> 00:20:59,840
some of the touching experiences you had and why you decided to take a more active role in that

00:20:59,840 --> 00:21:07,920
was it a way to sort of escape away from something or just an outlet you know I've always been

00:21:07,920 --> 00:21:14,800
driven into help others I think as I'm naturally a people pleaser and I think that early on that became a

00:21:14,800 --> 00:21:21,440
detriment I think that I became a people pleaser because I was so insecure and so I did that to

00:21:21,440 --> 00:21:29,200
fill myself up and to feel good about myself but when I was able to fill myself up with internal things

00:21:29,200 --> 00:21:35,280
instead of externalizing my joy I realized that I still had a great desire to do those things it

00:21:35,280 --> 00:21:41,440
wasn't just about myself it wasn't you know the paradox about tourism it really was that I got great joy

00:21:41,440 --> 00:21:46,080
out of it and then having children and putting them into this world with their mass shootings and all these

00:21:46,080 --> 00:21:52,560
other things going on I can't help but think I've got to be try to be a part of that solution I want to

00:21:52,560 --> 00:21:58,720
try to be part of that solution and so first I did it at a community level I was the board of directors

00:21:58,720 --> 00:22:03,680
of the library foundation I helped people raise money for different things I've given my time to

00:22:03,680 --> 00:22:10,720
very specific people who have been struggling even strangers who it's been suggested that my experiences many

00:22:10,720 --> 00:22:15,360
of them dark and troubled and painful along the way might help if I were willing to share them and because

00:22:15,360 --> 00:22:21,600
I am willing to share honestly we're good in the band if there are such things the rather just experiences

00:22:21,600 --> 00:22:27,840
as they as they are I've had the opportunity to help a lot of people and through that I was given the

00:22:27,840 --> 00:22:35,280
opportunity to throw some events including a benefit we crane and where we raised over a hundred thousand dollars

00:22:35,280 --> 00:22:42,400
less than a day but it took two weeks of planning that concert and it was amazing to be a part of

00:22:42,400 --> 00:22:48,000
a moving organization that's doing something right now for something that was going on right now and I was

00:22:48,000 --> 00:22:54,240
approached after that about joining the monarch justice center board I'm approached often maybe

00:22:54,240 --> 00:23:01,040
it often but it's not uncommon for me to be approached to join boards where I am a new cog in the same

00:23:01,040 --> 00:23:06,240
wheel where I'm just the new person replacing someone is done for three years and it's just going to be

00:23:06,240 --> 00:23:12,480
calling a list and asking for money and adding new people to that list or throwing the 30th annual event

00:23:12,480 --> 00:23:18,720
really just not not creative and while I support this event some I understand that they're you know

00:23:18,720 --> 00:23:25,920
beautiful and raise money it didn't excite me but a monarch justice center I've become one of the founding

00:23:25,920 --> 00:23:32,000
board members which means we get to create a justice center and a justice center in my mind is the

00:23:32,000 --> 00:23:37,760
best answer to solving many of the mental health problems out there and stopping the cycle of violence

00:23:37,760 --> 00:23:45,120
that's leading to mass shootings leading to the misuse of firearms and and I think to the

00:23:46,160 --> 00:23:53,520
externalization of internal grief are grief and are pain within that seems to be being exposed

00:23:53,520 --> 00:23:59,200
at so many levels and then taking out on innocence around us so you mentioned something about

00:23:59,200 --> 00:24:07,360
externalization of something that's happening internally is there any other standing point here

00:24:07,360 --> 00:24:13,680
that really shines out that people need to be aware of or be mindful of when it comes to mental health

00:24:15,200 --> 00:24:22,720
I think absolutely I think most of us think that that what we're going through is on the inside and

00:24:22,720 --> 00:24:29,520
people are amazing at hiding things it's true we all have our demons but the reality is that those

00:24:29,520 --> 00:24:36,400
demons are festering that those demons are grown that those demons are going to ultimately in almost

00:24:36,400 --> 00:24:45,360
every case and almost every case expose themselves and how they're going to do that is often and sadly

00:24:45,360 --> 00:24:50,880
by attacking those that we love and attacking those who are closest to us and we are going to be

00:24:50,880 --> 00:24:55,920
angry with them and we're going to be hateful and we're going to be resentful and we're going to be jealous

00:24:55,920 --> 00:25:02,880
and the reality is that person isn't even in the room we're simply projecting our inner pain and our inner

00:25:02,880 --> 00:25:10,480
insecurities onto another person and so I believe that mental health begins with an understanding that these things

00:25:10,480 --> 00:25:16,160
are inside of us and it's not anybody else who's job out there to fix you or to change or to treat

00:25:16,160 --> 00:25:23,040
you differently or to choose an identity or label but rather for us to look within and say this hurts

00:25:23,040 --> 00:25:29,200
I acknowledge this hurts and in many cases I acknowledge that I don't know how to fix this myself

00:25:29,680 --> 00:25:35,840
but unless we realize an advance that we're going to hurt others because we're allowing that hurt to live

00:25:35,840 --> 00:25:42,240
within us then we don't have that reason to solve it we think that we can do it ourselves we think we can

00:25:42,240 --> 00:25:47,200
do it alone time is showing evidence of showing mass shootings are showing that it's simply not true

00:25:47,200 --> 00:25:54,400
and we see physical doctors every time we stub our toe and yet there's a stigma about seeing a brain doctor

00:25:54,960 --> 00:26:02,160
that says is there something that I can solve this myself it's like it's just for me it's almost untanied

00:26:02,160 --> 00:26:07,680
that if we have a pain if our brain tells us we have a pain like a hurt finger or anything

00:26:07,680 --> 00:26:14,560
we go to the doctor most of us do we do that but when we're sad or when we're hurt or wherever else that is

00:26:14,560 --> 00:26:20,400
we think no I'm not going to go to the doctor I got this I can think through it I can use this old machine in my head

00:26:20,800 --> 00:26:28,800
to make this okay and so what I would say to anybody who's hurting who is sad who thinks that no one knows

00:26:28,800 --> 00:26:35,920
who thinks they're alone you're not alone everyone at some level knows and sooner or later you're

00:26:35,920 --> 00:26:42,160
going to hurt the people you love so go see a person who is trained to help you with your brain just like

00:26:42,160 --> 00:26:46,400
you would see somebody who's trained to help you with your body don't go to the gym and start throwing up

00:26:46,400 --> 00:26:52,160
thousand pounds just because you can talk to somebody about building to the place where you can lift the way you

00:26:52,160 --> 00:26:57,120
want to or look the way you want to or feel the way you want to don't make guesses and don't go on

00:26:57,120 --> 00:27:02,160
YouTube and listen to some teenager telling you what they do talk to somebody talk to somebody you know

00:27:02,160 --> 00:27:07,520
is talk to somebody with experience don't read about the real and don't just assume that because you live on

00:27:07,520 --> 00:27:13,600
this planet you know it's best for it or for any of the people including yourself on here

00:27:14,800 --> 00:27:20,400
wow man that's that's powerful that's whatever you said it just resonates so well with what's happening

00:27:20,400 --> 00:27:26,880
in our world at this point especially with the rise of the social media stuff and just a lot of

00:27:26,880 --> 00:27:33,840
stuff going on here if I were in a position or I just moved to a new city for example or I wanted to

00:27:33,840 --> 00:27:39,680
take a more active role in sort of following your lead like if I want to be like you in certain ways

00:27:39,680 --> 00:27:45,600
where I want to give back to the world what are some things I can do you know the first thing to do is really

00:27:45,600 --> 00:27:52,320
identify what you're passionate about you know but I think that step one is to look inward I think that's

00:27:52,320 --> 00:27:57,520
often true no matter what in situation isn't if you look inward and find something that excites you

00:27:57,520 --> 00:28:03,520
something that you love even in a adjacency you know it doesn't have to be like wow I love children

00:28:03,520 --> 00:28:07,920
therefore I'm going to go help out with children or I'm involved in our community I'm going to go

00:28:07,920 --> 00:28:14,000
clean up a park they can be whatever it is I love music and if you love music and you love children

00:28:14,000 --> 00:28:19,760
well benefit concert I would be really interested in to look up I now live in Napervali I'm going to go

00:28:19,760 --> 00:28:25,040
on my computer I'm going to look up benefit concert Napervali see if there has been one and then find

00:28:25,040 --> 00:28:30,080
out how to through who's through it was it quantists is there an organization that threw that and then

00:28:30,080 --> 00:28:36,160
reach out and say I'm new here and I'm interested in helping and right off the bat you're going to

00:28:36,160 --> 00:28:43,760
find like minded individuals you're going to find people who are supporting the community or at least

00:28:43,760 --> 00:28:50,880
share passions with you I think that you know really looking inward first is the most important thing

00:28:50,880 --> 00:28:58,800
and then taking that and very simply reaching out to others that are on that path you know it's

00:28:58,800 --> 00:29:05,440
what's amazing is you never know where you're going to make friends you never know what is going to find you and

00:29:05,440 --> 00:29:11,280
there's a song that I wrote recently that one of the lyrics is when a song finds you it's not so much

00:29:11,280 --> 00:29:16,240
about listening for a song or listening to lyrics or trying to apply lyrics or any of those things it's

00:29:16,240 --> 00:29:23,840
really in my mind music finds us we hear it and it just finds us but it doesn't happen if you don't

00:29:23,840 --> 00:29:28,160
turn on the radio it doesn't happen if you don't open up your heart in your mind you're

00:29:28,160 --> 00:29:33,600
song it certainly doesn't happen if you're not in the moment paying attention so being in the moment looking

00:29:33,600 --> 00:29:39,440
inward and letting that song find you that doesn't mean sitting around doing nothing you must be active

00:29:39,440 --> 00:29:44,400
but that's what I would do that would be very proactive looking words and find out what's going on in

00:29:44,400 --> 00:29:49,120
your community with those key words and reach out to people I want to help I want to do this to

00:29:49,120 --> 00:29:55,600
kitchen thing I want to help out at a justice center I want to go for a cleanup whatever it is

00:29:55,600 --> 00:30:07,120
start that in the realm of either fitness or music is there a certain thing that happened that you

00:30:07,120 --> 00:30:14,800
really enjoyed or had fun or it was like a memorable moment that's really just like wow I can't

00:30:14,800 --> 00:30:21,440
stop thinking about it from time to time well I'm also a boxing coach and when I first started boxing

00:30:21,440 --> 00:30:28,400
the very first time I ever got in a ring with someone you know it was it was it was it was a very successful

00:30:28,400 --> 00:30:33,680
outing followed by many unsuccessful outings depending again how you define success and I'm actually

00:30:33,680 --> 00:30:40,000
glad that I spoke that way because in that moment I define success by winning and losing whereas I

00:30:40,000 --> 00:30:47,040
actually learned nothing when I won and everything when I lost so again back to perspective but you know

00:30:47,040 --> 00:30:54,880
and that's the beauty of awareness is like yeah that's funny that I said that but I think ultimately it was

00:30:54,880 --> 00:31:02,320
that moment in the ring where I was just so in it and then for days after it replaying in my head

00:31:02,320 --> 00:31:06,960
going to gone well would have gone differently you know or could have gone differently excuse me and

00:31:06,960 --> 00:31:13,920
it was it was just so thrilling that is my that is my exercise moment and it's led me to be a boxing

00:31:13,920 --> 00:31:19,600
coach to help others to look at the beauty of understanding how to fight so that you don't have to

00:31:19,600 --> 00:31:26,640
find an inner peace and security with yourself because you are trained to protect yourself or protect

00:31:26,640 --> 00:31:32,160
those that you love it necessary there are so few people know how to fight that actually do why because

00:31:32,160 --> 00:31:37,200
you don't have that need to prove yourself anymore I'd so much rather not hurt my hands and not go to jail

00:31:37,200 --> 00:31:41,600
or not hurt another human being now that I know how to it's like I don't want I would never

00:31:41,600 --> 00:31:45,600
would but before I did I was like dude I wonder if I could beat him up I wonder if I could you know and

00:31:45,600 --> 00:31:51,120
there's like oh dude no I'm probably jumping to the knee and he's don't know right and so that was it

00:31:51,120 --> 00:31:56,480
for me with fitness and then all into the music one as well and I started playing music with a friend

00:31:56,480 --> 00:32:02,160
of mine we started playing in the camp out and it was really cool and fun sort of a lot of drinking

00:32:02,160 --> 00:32:05,440
but then we started playing every day he was going through a really tough time and it's like I'm

00:32:05,440 --> 00:32:10,000
started out every day but at least twice a week I knew it at his place we both worked in downtown

00:32:10,000 --> 00:32:15,200
Napa and we started writing songs trying to help him battle through these things were going on in life

00:32:15,200 --> 00:32:20,080
what I didn't realize is that I was also battling through incredibly intense issues they were just

00:32:20,080 --> 00:32:26,160
not that involved up to the surface yet and we ended up with the opportunity to play a gig

00:32:26,160 --> 00:32:34,880
and a sandwich shop a grilled cheese shop called melted in the back and it was kind of the silly thing

00:32:34,880 --> 00:32:38,560
we had to come over to the band name and we had no desire to come up the hand or really do

00:32:38,560 --> 00:32:42,880
any of that we just love playing music I had been in a band for a number of years although I've been in many

00:32:42,880 --> 00:32:50,000
my life it hadn't it wasn't something that was going on actively and we played this gig and I got off that

00:32:50,000 --> 00:32:56,880
stage and I just like it was almost going to require someone to hold me down to keep you from going back on

00:32:56,880 --> 00:33:02,960
like I was like I want to keep playing music I want to be up there I want to see people dancing

00:33:02,960 --> 00:33:09,520
I want people see people singing you know and it's interesting is that was one of the things that yet again

00:33:09,520 --> 00:33:15,760
we really was about extra-alizing joy I wasn't enjoying playing music at that time I was enjoying people

00:33:15,760 --> 00:33:21,520
loving E playing music and that has shifted dramatically now I just love being on stage and playing

00:33:21,520 --> 00:33:28,240
but without that little opportunity to play at that grilled cheese shop I don't know that I would be in the band

00:33:28,240 --> 00:33:34,800
that I mean now so those two moments and there were many more in my younger music career you know I played at the

00:33:34,800 --> 00:33:41,280
Cockrope of I played it's really cool that used and it was some really wonderful people and but it was that moment that

00:33:41,280 --> 00:33:49,280
launched me in my current space so speaking of memorable moments and people around us

00:33:49,280 --> 00:33:57,280
one of the questions I have right now is were there any inspirational figures or people around in your life

00:33:57,280 --> 00:34:02,640
that really helped you move forward in life or influenced you in a certain way.

00:34:02,640 --> 00:34:08,960
No my dad and my family and I definitely had friends who have helped out

00:34:08,960 --> 00:34:15,040
musically books have definitely been a huge part of that anywhere from you know kind of

00:34:15,040 --> 00:34:20,480
self-helpy spiritual books like untethered soul if you haven't read untethered soul read it right away

00:34:20,480 --> 00:34:26,080
if you haven't read a new earth by actor tall with that right away I would recommend

00:34:26,080 --> 00:34:33,200
books like the fountain head that give you a look at the way that success is structured and how different people find success

00:34:33,200 --> 00:34:39,520
you know and so I read you know about like eat a different religions understanding religion

00:34:39,520 --> 00:34:45,120
it's so important because more land is owned by religions more people have died more

00:34:45,120 --> 00:34:51,440
lives have been told more justification for horrific actions have been committed

00:34:52,480 --> 00:34:58,880
not in you know not not because of religion by any means but in the name of religion corruption of this

00:34:58,880 --> 00:35:04,320
beautiful idea of faith getting to know the different faiths and understanding what's truly

00:35:04,320 --> 00:35:11,120
the core of the beauty and the history for me so people like Gandhi both in his incredibly

00:35:11,120 --> 00:35:16,720
flawed life but also of the beauty that he gave people like the Buddha Siddhartha who I mean

00:35:16,720 --> 00:35:21,280
completely abandoned entire family sweet dude leader kids and white can go find it

00:35:21,280 --> 00:35:30,320
not like that but at the same time also an incredible leader so not ever looking for you know perfection

00:35:30,320 --> 00:35:35,120
or necessarily even answers in these things but rather growth and so there have certainly been

00:35:35,120 --> 00:35:40,240
human beings my dad who died when I was young the way that he lived my mom my stepdad

00:35:40,240 --> 00:35:46,640
you know my brother the their band has gotten him Jason in my life when I was struggling with alcohol

00:35:46,640 --> 00:35:52,560
he was my sponsor but also my friend and he helped me get through that he's been a major influence in my

00:35:52,560 --> 00:35:58,880
life my struggles were substance abuse which I'm really happy to say at the moment or not a problem

00:35:58,880 --> 00:36:04,720
having that required some time Jason knows a big part of that a lot of other nameless

00:36:04,720 --> 00:36:10,880
faithsless human beings probably say it faces but you know anybody but that who along the way have

00:36:10,880 --> 00:36:18,960
taken the time to be kind to me without any expectation of return and that is the biggest one of the

00:36:18,960 --> 00:36:27,760
biggest gets I've ever received is to do things simply because you feel they are right not because

00:36:27,760 --> 00:36:36,480
they will lead to an outcome to be completely non manipulative I decided that for myself success

00:36:37,600 --> 00:36:44,480
is a series of things and nothing to do with money I consider us a day successful if I was honest kind

00:36:44,480 --> 00:36:52,880
loving generous grateful and humble if I was those six things then in a day then I am that day

00:36:52,880 --> 00:36:59,360
more like the human being that I hoped to become as I aged I was taught those six things

00:36:59,360 --> 00:37:05,440
not because I am them I embody them or I read them in a book but rather because I was shown them

00:37:05,440 --> 00:37:15,280
by different human beings in my life that they for me in moments actions or words embodied those things

00:37:15,280 --> 00:37:19,520
and so it's sort of those nameless human beings that have shown me those kindness that have been

00:37:19,520 --> 00:37:26,000
a true inspiration also a gentleman named John Wyman who I believe is one of the most incredible

00:37:26,000 --> 00:37:32,960
human beings when it comes to helping others with their mental problems he's run hospitals he's done

00:37:32,960 --> 00:37:40,800
a ton of other things but he's got an incredibly unique way of just listening and of letting you

00:37:40,800 --> 00:37:47,840
opening the path for you to help yourself hey listeners before we jump back into our fascinating

00:37:47,840 --> 00:37:53,520
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to grab your favorite flavors and now let's get back to our inspiring guest do you have any

00:38:36,000 --> 00:38:44,800
daily habits by any chance or do you always prefer to stay in flux and follow intuition often

00:38:44,800 --> 00:38:51,920
or something that you sort of a have to do or want to do or has been beneficial you know I have

00:38:51,920 --> 00:38:57,120
habits and I have patterns I don't I don't I'm not a big fan of the word habit I like the word desire

00:38:57,920 --> 00:39:05,200
and I like to believe that I'm making active choices as much as I possibly can but I have the habit of

00:39:05,200 --> 00:39:11,680
waking up early I have a habit of going to bed early I have a habit of drinking a lot of water and eating

00:39:11,680 --> 00:39:20,640
as many vegetables as I possibly can I have the habit of making sure to be grateful for the challenges

00:39:20,640 --> 00:39:29,840
in my life and for for giving myself that's the biggest one for me that I have to keep in raining is to

00:39:29,840 --> 00:39:35,920
treat myself like I would love to want to be a best friend instead of an enemy I think also often

00:39:35,920 --> 00:39:40,720
especially in my past and I would be surprised to learn that others don't do this as well we don't

00:39:40,720 --> 00:39:46,080
treat ourselves like someone we love we look at other people and we have compassion and kindness

00:39:46,080 --> 00:39:52,160
and then we look inward and what the fuck is wrong with you bro fix it what is wrong with you how could you

00:39:52,160 --> 00:39:58,160
do that and then from milling it this on and on and on we beat ourselves up I like somebody

00:39:58,160 --> 00:40:03,440
wants to be like I feel like I'm carrying a backpack of the bad shit I've done in my life with me

00:40:03,440 --> 00:40:07,440
and then every now then I just like to unzip it and beat the shit on myself with it I'm like yes

00:40:08,000 --> 00:40:17,760
really too like why I'm ready to take the backpack and say I forgive you for all the bad days believe

00:40:17,760 --> 00:40:20,960
that there's bad of course for all the things you've done that have hurt others for all the things

00:40:20,960 --> 00:40:26,560
that you've done to hurt yourself I forgive you for your mistakes and to your brain that's constantly

00:40:26,560 --> 00:40:32,320
driving you crazy with all again this old programming like to the voice that's in my head you know that

00:40:32,320 --> 00:40:38,320
that's a really old program and it's really nothing to do with me thanking it for when it tells me I'm afraid

00:40:38,320 --> 00:40:42,880
thanking it for when it tells him to be angry thanking it for all of the things that I don't want to be

00:40:42,880 --> 00:40:49,200
because it's trying to protect me but then you know being mindful someone recently told me what's

00:40:49,200 --> 00:40:53,840
it's asking what's the difference between being aware and being mindful and I like kind of the same thing

00:40:53,840 --> 00:41:00,320
I said no no they are actually sequential being aware means actually being in a peaceful state

00:41:00,320 --> 00:41:05,600
where you can be cognizant where you can engage your cortex the thinking part of your brain and be aware of what's

00:41:05,600 --> 00:41:12,320
actually occurring for what's actually occurring that is not plastering it or pasting it with all of your past

00:41:12,320 --> 00:41:19,760
experiences and all of your preconceived notions and then judging it based on that lens being aware

00:41:19,760 --> 00:41:26,960
is being peaceful enough to look at a situation for that situation as best one can be mindful

00:41:26,960 --> 00:41:33,680
is what happens after that you become aware of the situation being mindful is choosing how you're going to

00:41:33,680 --> 00:41:39,520
handle that for example someone can say something really mean to you and you can then say to them

00:41:39,520 --> 00:41:44,480
just yell back at them pick something out about them that you think can be hurt for you punch them

00:41:44,480 --> 00:41:51,680
all of those things or you can stop for a second and think why did that human being just say that to me

00:41:52,720 --> 00:41:59,120
you might realize that you had actually instigated you might realize that this is a person who's so deeply

00:41:59,120 --> 00:42:04,080
damaged and abused that they're just lashing out with their own internal demon someone who does

00:42:04,080 --> 00:42:09,120
who really well they had said something mean so many who's deserving of your love and compassion this is

00:42:09,120 --> 00:42:13,680
something gondy talk this is not somebody who's attacking you this is somebody who's feels

00:42:13,680 --> 00:42:17,840
although they're in corner they're trying to fight for their lives do you want to make that

00:42:17,840 --> 00:42:21,680
person worse and curse them off the cliff or do you want to find compassion awareness is being

00:42:21,680 --> 00:42:26,960
aware in that moment what's really happening mindfulness is then how you handle that that person who's yelling

00:42:26,960 --> 00:42:32,160
at you in this case where you're going to stop and say I'm sorry that I heard you what I'm sorry for

00:42:32,160 --> 00:42:38,400
whatever I did and try and become a part of the solution awareness and mindfulness so I try very much

00:42:38,400 --> 00:42:44,960
to be in the habit of stopping long enough to become aware and trying my best and often fail and tall so be mindful

00:42:44,960 --> 00:42:50,560
I'm going to start doing that starting today just saying just be more aware like it like when somebody

00:42:50,560 --> 00:42:56,400
lashes out it's easy to sort of cave into negativity but I think it takes a lot of courage a lot of awareness

00:42:56,400 --> 00:43:02,320
a lot of mindfulness to just step back and realize that hey there's some inner workings that are going

00:43:02,320 --> 00:43:07,040
on with that person and maybe they just need an all of branch or some help which brings me to really

00:43:07,040 --> 00:43:15,200
a very interesting question if you were to retake this entire journey is there something that you would

00:43:15,200 --> 00:43:23,440
like to change or do you think that it is what it is and except where you are and just think of it as part of

00:43:23,440 --> 00:43:29,920
the journey. I don't as I said a little bit earlier looking back at the past for me I think there is

00:43:29,920 --> 00:43:33,920
often there are just wonderful memories of getting wrong but looking back at it in that way I think

00:43:33,920 --> 00:43:40,080
of you like I think that way lies sort of some depressing thoughts because you can't really change things

00:43:40,080 --> 00:43:45,120
but if I were able to change things perhaps it's better said if there was something that I was able

00:43:45,120 --> 00:43:51,840
to be tell myself I would earlier in my life had stopped and looking the mirror and said I love you

00:43:51,840 --> 00:43:58,800
and that I think would have been different I think that if I had found a way to love myself

00:43:58,800 --> 00:44:06,640
earlier I think that a lot of the hurt that I brought to others might not have happened

00:44:06,640 --> 00:44:12,480
whether that's good or bad I don't know and where I would be right now had I done that I do not know

00:44:12,480 --> 00:44:18,880
am I would I change anything no but knowing what I know now I've been nice to look in the mirror

00:44:18,880 --> 00:44:24,480
and say I love you and find a way to mean it. Damn me and you're like one of the coolest

00:44:24,480 --> 00:44:30,640
genuine nicest people I've come across in my life I can I totally more like you're awesome man

00:44:30,640 --> 00:44:40,400
so let's start sort of wrapping things up a little bit and is there something

00:44:41,680 --> 00:44:47,520
I mean we've given a lot of gems to people but is there something that you think your listeners can benefit

00:44:47,520 --> 00:44:55,760
from or like a final message of some sorts? I mean it's hard after all the things you talk about.

00:44:55,760 --> 00:45:00,000
I love this podcast and I love the way that you've asked these questions and that you've allowed me to

00:45:00,000 --> 00:45:06,320
to speak so much and on so many topics that are so important to me and I'm really grateful for that

00:45:06,320 --> 00:45:12,480
but if there's one thing that I would say to others that perhaps we haven't said much about it's gratitude

00:45:12,480 --> 00:45:18,720
living a life of gratitude for the things that you perceive to be good or bad

00:45:18,720 --> 00:45:24,320
grateful for the things that hurt grateful for the things that are sweet but finding a way to be

00:45:24,320 --> 00:45:31,440
grateful for everything because you probably have 30,000 days on this planet. How many of those days

00:45:31,440 --> 00:45:37,440
do you want to spend angry? How many of those days do you want to spend angry with others or yourself?

00:45:37,440 --> 00:45:41,120
How many of those days do you want to spend wishing for other things,

00:45:41,120 --> 00:45:47,440
recording things, anxiously awaiting things? My hope for you is that you spend those days enjoying

00:45:47,440 --> 00:45:54,080
and gratitude and that starts with making a choice because everything, everything in life is a choice.

00:45:54,880 --> 00:46:04,480
Wow, wise words, man, wise words, gratitude, gratitude, mindfulness awareness. I'm going to keep that in my mind right now.

00:46:04,480 --> 00:46:15,680
So how can people find you? You can find me on Instagram and Facebook and now TikTok.

00:46:15,680 --> 00:46:21,600
I really want to enjoy that as well. I need to do it by team finding it. Ian Devere White.

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That's Ian Underscore Devere White. If you look up Ian Devere, you can find it. It's called

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REX. You can reach me at

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and you can also find me through The Devereau is spelled with the next.

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The DEV REX is a set of moments. Those are the best ways to find me.

00:46:43,200 --> 00:46:50,240
But I should be relatively easily found. I think he can probably find me through a link in this podcast.

00:46:50,800 --> 00:46:57,120
I will use that as an opportunity to say thank you again for this podcast for your choice to help people be healthy,

00:46:57,120 --> 00:47:04,320
for creating companies that help people be healthy, for opening up a forum for people like me to share our experiences

00:47:04,320 --> 00:47:09,360
and the hopes that in some shape or form they'll help others. Thank you for having me on here today.

00:47:09,360 --> 00:47:15,520
I'm grateful for you, man. Thank you so much Ian. And yes, we will include all these links in the

00:47:15,520 --> 00:47:22,160
description so that people can find you and they can benefit. Wow, I, you blew my mind, man. Really.

00:47:22,160 --> 00:47:26,880
Thank you so much Ian. I, thanks for having out thanks for thanks for being on the show.

00:47:26,880 --> 00:47:30,400
Thanks for having me, my friend. Have a wonderful weekend.

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