Bioactives in Energy Pods: For the Extra Boost in Performance and Energy

Bioactives are certain components in a handful of foods that can help us feel uplifted, energetic, or wakeful. The most common bioactive compound is caffeine which is present in coffee. However, there are other bioactive components such as theobromine, known as the 'relaxing compound,' MCT Oil which is a unique type of oil that doesn't get stored in our body but rapidly turns into ketone bodies that can be used as fuel and certainly concentrated anti-oxidants that may also have anti-microbial properties.

Energy Pods contain a mixture or combination of various such bioactive components so that you don't have to grab a cup of coffee, an energy bar, a chocolate, or a pre-workout all on their own. With all of these bioactive components, Energy Pods provide you with the extra boost you need during your day or workout.