What is Monk Fruit Extract? Here's 6 Reasons Why to Add it to Your Diet!

What is Monk Fruit Extract? Here's 6 Reasons Why to Add it to Your Diet!

Monk fruit extract is a sweetener that we use in the Energy Pods and it tastes 150-250 times sweeter than sugar. You can think of it similar to stevia extract but without the bitter after taste. If anything, it has a fruity note that is rather pleasant. We use it alongside erythritol to make our Energy Pods mildly sweet. Monk fruit extract is a concentrated antioxidant that is obtained from monk fruits which were used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat acute health issues such as the sore throat. It was approved in 2010 as a sweetener. The sweetener is created by removing seed and skins of the fruits, then crushed to produce juice which is further dried to create a concentrated powder.

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Monk fruit contains zero calories but packs a powerful punch of sweetness. When you add it to your food, it can reduce the calories that come with sweet foods. Generally, what comes with the sweetener seems to be the main problem when it comes to fat gain rather than the sweetener itself. In the case of monk, it's a great add-on to your diet and it doesn't seem to increase energy intake on its own(1)

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Monk fruit extract can have an anti-oxidant effect(2) that can potentially scavenge reactive oxygen species. In cell cultures, it has been shown to have anti-aging properties(3)(4). This effect hasn't been noted in human trials as of yet. In rodents, it has been shown to protect against allergic asthma(5). In mice, it was shown to have some protective effects against acute lung injury(6).

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When it comes to anti-cancer the research is limited to pancreatic cancer in cell and rodent models(7). Hence, the research is very limited in its practicality but can be interesting in the future.

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Monk fruit extract is a negligible impact on blood sugar and insulin(8). and has no impact on energy intake either. This makes it a great product to reduce blood glucose response while still adding sweetness to foods. Unlike some other sweeteners such as xylitol, it isn't toxic to dogs in semi-chronic doses(9).


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Monk fruit has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to help alleviate issues pertaining to the throat. In a randomized study(10), monk fruit extract helped alleviate symptoms of throat pain, hoarseness, throat swelling, and throat pain.


Monk fruit extract doesn't harm teeth and in fact, may have protective capabilities for teeth(11) in certain bacteria especially since dental complications can cost lots of money and loss in productivity.


Monk fruit extract is a phenomenal sweetener that shows several potential benefits to health and nutrition. It comes with potential benefits while no known side-effect at the moment in practical and dietary dosage. We use it in our Energy Pods.


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  1. Structural Richness: Foods that are constructed to provide nutrients at a rate that may favor an anorectic effect, negative energy balance or weight normalization. Structurally Poor: Foods that are constructed to provide nutrients at a rate that may favor obesity and positive energy balance.


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