Join us on for an inspiring conversation with Crystal Loverro, an LA-based actor and content creator who champions disability rights. From neuroscience to acting, Crystal's journey is a testament to resilience and passion. We delve into her viral 'Cross-Eyed Dominatrix' role, her advocacy for Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), and her upcoming projects.
Step into the captivating world of Jesse Hudak, a music-loving, history-obsessed, and all-around nerd extraordinaire. With his insatiable curiosity and a big heart, Jesse takes us on a journey filled with fascinating stories, from the Portuguese Holy Ghost Festival to his adventures in culinary exploration. Join us as we dive deep into Jesse's unique experiences and discover the hidden gems of his life.
Join us as we explore the phenomenon of chemophobia with science communicator James Kennedy. Discover the historical origins and societal implications of this fear of chemicals. From the influence of social media on education to the blurring of lines between natural and artificial, this conversation will challenge your perceptions and ignite curiosity. Tune in to gain insights into the intersection of science, society, and education.
Embark on a captivating journey with Dr. Eliza Dunn as we explore crop science, global health, and empowering communities. Discover Bayer's impactful contributions, the role of agriculture in poverty alleviation, and the power of science communication. Gain valuable insights from COVID-19 and the future of scientific research. Tune in now for an enlightening episode!
Join us as we uncover the remarkable story of Michael J Buxton, a Vermont native who embarked on a life-changing fatbike journey across all 48 states. From planning the trip to overcoming challenges, Michael shares his insights, adventures, and the transformative power of embracing the great outdoors. Get ready to be inspired by his audacious pursuit of adventure and personal growth.
Unlock the Power of Yoga with Corey Behn as he shares expert insights and essential tips to help you start and enhance your yoga practice. Discover Corey's personal journey, from Bikram Yoga to Ashtanga Yoga, and gain valuable knowledge on getting started, finding the right props, and overcoming challenges on the mat. With a focus on inward growth, social connection, and cultivating positive habits, this episode will inspire you to embrace the transformative benefits of yoga. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation that will empower you to unlock your full potential through the practice of yoga.
Join us for an inspiring conversation with Ian Devereux, Vintner at Smith Devereux Napa Valley, as he shares his journey in the wine industry and how he balances his passion for business, philanthropy, and life. Discover Ian's insights on forming meaningful connections, overcoming obstacles, and giving back to the community. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, or simply seeking inspiration, this podcast episode offers valuable lessons on achieving success and fulfillment in life. Tune in now!
Corey and Fahad, the backbones of KetoGeek, have a mission to change the way people think about nutrition. With their innovative product, Energy Pods, they aim to provide a convenient and nutrient-dense alternative to traditional meals. In this exclusive interview, they share their personal journeys and the story behind Keto Geek, as well as their vision for the future of nutrition. Get to know these dynamic entrepreneurs and learn how they're changing the game with Energy Pods as they sit down with Davide Grega on his amazing podcast, "Decanted with David Grega."
Fentanyl poisoning, drug overdose, and mental health are growing problems in the United States with each year more and more youth being victims of these social issues. In this podcast, we talk to the founders of the Michael Leonardi foundation and the parents of Michael Leonardi who lost his life to fentanyl poisoning in 2020. Please help support their cause and help raise awareness of this matter.