This is a controversial and loaded podcast where we talk about celebrities and influencers with eating and mental disorders projecting their fears on people who follow them. On the flip side, we also talk about the other extreme where you have people who think it's ok to eat whatever you like. There's a balance between the two which involves smart choices and understanding the mechanisms. This is a conversation that needs to be had. People shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. We also talk about sensory-specific satiety and why this culture of elimination and fear-based dieting is terrible for our youth.
In this episode, we scold you for being naughty and getting unhealthy. We also talk about Ketogeek Membership, Carbohydrate Insulin Hypothesis, extreme caloric restriction, veganism, non-suffering & yoga, moving beyond macros and micros and many other things that will us in trouble but pretty much are common sense. Duh.
In this live show, we talk about on who to trust when it comes to getting results in life, especially in a sea of information overload nowadays? Can an overweight or obese nutritionist, influencer, nutritionist, doctor or coach be trusted for fat loss tips, plans or guides? This is a very controversial topic in the world of health, fitness and nutrition but we decided to tack this in our video. Join us on this new Monday Night Live Show for common sense and entertainment.
It seems like the path to being healthy is to eat bitter, bland, snotty and tasteless foods OR else it's hyper-palatable junk food. We challenge the notion here and COMPLETELY disagree with everyone on this matter! It makes NO sense! We think food should be made simpler and work in helping people's lives rather than be a burden. This is agnostic to any diet whether you're keto, low carb, paleo, vegan or anything.