Holiday Comfort Sweet Roll: A Dinner Favorite from Napa Valley, Energy Pod Recipe

Holiday Comfort Sweet Roll: A Dinner Favorite from Napa Valley, Energy Pod Recipe

The holiday season is a time for bonding, comfort, love, and giving. The temperature may be getting colder but that is only to bring us closer and together.

The history of bread rolls pre-dates even the most recent holidays. Bread is one of the most basic expressions of humans coming together to form farming communities and celebrating and sharing. This is why bread rolls play such a key role at our dinner tables and holidays to this day.

One of the recent manifestations of such bread rolls was the "Parker House Rolls" which gained popularity in the 1870s due to the Omni Hotel founded by Harvey D. Parker in 1855. These rolls became a dinner item at the hotel and expanded to restaurants, other hotels, and stores.

The modern sweet roll is an evolution of this roll and it serves as an excellent carrier and holder for the deep, rich, and creamy texture of our Chocolate Energy Pods. Served warm, these holiday comfort rolls with Energy Pod start with a crispness that immediately melts in your mouth creating an intense chocolate flavor that lingers. This unique culinary experience is an excellent staple at a holiday dinner or lunch or even as an excellent source of energy before an endurance event. Serve them at your next holiday event and everyone will love you for this tasty and unique experience.



  • Heat bread rolls in an oven or toaster oven at 375 for 4-5 minutes until crispy on the outside
  • Slice the rolls in half and spread Energy Pod inside the rolls using the paperboard spoon that comes with the Energy Pod
  • Serve warm