Double Chocolate Chip Strawberry Cookie Dough Recipe

Double Chocolate Chip Strawberry Cookie Dough Recipe


Being healthy should be easy, tasty and simple. This is an extremely quick one minute and tasty recipe that is perfect for late night cravings, morning energy boost or mid-day snack.. It takes only a minute, requires no baking and stomps your sweet tooth while giving you clean and healthy energy throughout your day. 

This dessert can be keto, low carb or can contain sugar depending on the whipped cream and chocolate chips you use. You’ve got to try this recipe out. It’s filling and extremely tasty! 


Prep Time

1 minute

Fridge Time

Ready In

1 minute





  • 1 x Chocolate Fudge Energy Pod
  • Whipped Cream (Sugar-free for Keto)
  • 1 x Sliced Strawberries
  • 0.5 oz (half a handful) x Chocolate Chips (Sugar-free for Keto)


  1. Pop open the energy pod and mix in the chocolate chips into the Energy Pods using the paperboard spoon
  2. Top off with some whipped cream
  3. Add some strawberries on top
  4. Serve and consume using the paperboard spoon that comes with the Pod