Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate: Which is Best for Fat Loss? || BLURB

Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate: Which is Best for Fat Loss? || BLURB

Blurbs are quick 2 minute reads under 300 words based on some interesting find here at Ketogeek and would share with you guys! These are short and quick practical takeaways from some of the studies we read. Science is always growing and piling on so one study or write-up doesn't equate to something set in stone. Lets continue to learn!


In this randomized crossover trial(1), dark chocolate seems to fare better than milk chocolate in reducing energy intake at a meal 2 hours later. 2 hours is a good time period for such an intervention. Participants were given 100g or 3.5oz of Dark(70% chocolate) versus milk(30% chocolate) with dark chocolate having 50 more calories as it had 10g more fat, 2.9g more protein and ­14g less sugar.

What they found was that energy intake after 2 hours at an ad lib meal was reduced by 17% using dark chocolate compared to milk chocolate and overall an 8% reduction when the energy intake from both interventional chocolate and ad lib meal were added. It was interesting to note that the desire to eat something sweet and overall satiety was also lowered in the dark chocolate group.


  • Higher fat content & Lower added refined sugar leading to different gastrointestinal transit times (Most likely more satiating)
  • Unlikely Protein as it’s a 2.9g difference only
  • More intense and bitter flavor that can impact energy intake
  • More? Comment below!


This is a short term study but hypothetically, we think that darker chocolate with slightly higher fat content and no added sugar or refined carbohydrates would fare better at reducing energy intake. Added sugar and refined carbohydrates most likely phase separate(fat and added sugars separate) in the stomach, with added sugars quickly hydrolyzing and transitioning through the gastrointestinal tract faster, thereby reducing satiety while bitter compounds potentially help with this effect in a cumulative manner. This would probably result in an endocrine profile that reflects that as well.




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