3 Musketeer Energy Bites, Energy Pod Recipe

3 Musketeer Energy Bites, Energy Pod Recipe

Energy Pods are an innovative product that is being used by many people in the culinary and food world to explore the possibilities of an extremely healthy and tasty food product. We had Nicole Jean, aka. Keto_wizard, who used our Energy Pods to make these “3 Musketeer Energy Bites” using very simple 3 ingredients and requiring no baking! We will be using this recipe as a base to explore more possibilities of Energy Pods while eating these tasty bites at night when sweet cravings kick in! Quoting Nicole’s recipe from her post:

3 Musketeer Energy Bites! Only 3 ingredients needed!!


8oz tub Cool Whip

9oz Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

2oz Chocolate Nova Energy Pod


1. Set out your cool whip to defrost. Melt your chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second increments.

2. Add your energy pod to your chocolate, then add your cool whip. Mix until fully combined. (some of the chocolate may harden a bit, but just keep stirring!)

3. Add your mixture to a parchment lined 8x8 dish. Freeze until set.

4. Cut into squares & enjoy!

Store in the fridge or freezer! Eat as a dessert, snack, or pick me up! Yalllllll these are super delicious! You can also dip these in more melted chocolate for an extra sweet treat! But, I personally dont think its necessary! These taste just like a 3 muskateers AND they are much healthier! So absolutely divine! I hope you will try these!! Energy pods are actually a compact meal replacement! You can freeze them, refrigerate, or enjoy at room temperature! They use the best and cleanest ingredients! Yall should definitely check them out @energy_pods @keto_geek I gave my mom and son both a taste and they absolutely loved it! My son ran 3 victory laps around the kitchen🤣 It literally tastes like the best chocolate pudding youve ever tasted! I need to try their other flavors ASAP!”

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