Tricep & Chest Dips Guide

Tricep & Chest Dips Guide





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With many variations, the dips can be done with either weights or body weight to engage triceps and lower chest based on the grip.




Lock the bars above the bars or behind you on a bench using your hands. Keep elbows close to the body to engage the triceps or further to engage the chest more.


Keep your body arms length by lifting yourself up a little bit as needed.


Slowly lower your body while keeping your body locked while engaging the triceps or chest, based on your exercise, and create a 90 degree angle between upper arm and forearms.

Bring the body back up to the start position.


Once completing your set, re-rack the weights as needed or wipe down the equipment used.


You can do dips with bodyweight using a bench or even at work using a work stool, chair or bench!

Creating an incline will reduce the load. This is great for beginners.

Bringing your elbows closer will engage your triceps more. Taking them further will engage lower chest region.

If you're using body weight and a bench, you can increase the load by increasing the amount of repetitions or adding more weight in the form of placing a dumbbell or barbell plate on your thighs.

Many gyms have machines that allow you to do dips while reducing the weight that you need to lift.

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