Garudasana - Eagle Pose (Standing) Guide

Garudasana - Eagle Pose (Standing) Guide



Quadriceps, Shoulders, Core, Hamstrings





Garu means "devourer" but contextually means "eagle" and hence the word Garudasana is known as the "eagle pose". It is part of many yoga programs and has both standing and sitting variations.




Use any props as needed to support your pose.


Stand straight with your back upright and looking forward.


Bend your knee, lift your left foot up and balance on your right foot. Keep your toes pointed towards the floor and slowly hook the top of the left foot on the calf of your right leg.

Raise your arms straight upwards, while keeping the back straight, and cross your arms in front of you so that your right arm is above the left. Keep your elbows bent. Place the right elbow on the left elbow and raise the forearms so that the back of your hands face each other. Now gently press the palms together and lift your elbows while facing the fingers upwards.

Hold for the required period of time.


Release your arms and then your legs. Use a transitional movement to prepare for the next pose or stand up right with hands to your side.


For the standing pose, you can use the wall behind you as additional support as this pose requires balancing. You can also use a simpler sitting version of this pose as well, especially if you may have issues with your knees.

When starting out, you may not be able to interlock your arms or your legs. You can start off instead by using the toe to maintain balance. For the arms, you can simply cup both hands and raise the arms in front of you while touching the elbows together.

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Garudasana - Sitting Version

Eagle Pose

Garudasana - Standing Version

Eagle Pose


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Garudasana - Advanced Sitting Version

Eagle Pose