Guide to Food Additives - W

Guide to Food Additives - W

Name Other Names Purpose Source 5

Walnut oil

Light-colored, delicate oil and nutty flavor. Used in low-temperature cooking and salad dressings.

Cold-pressed or solvent extracted from walnuts


Japanese horseradish

Sold as root or stem. Grated, powdered or made into a paste before use. Added to various rice and savory dishes. Leaves can be eaten raw.

Primarily cultivated in Japan.



Colorless and odorless compound part of beverages and foods. Essential to life. Used for cooking(boiling, simmering, steaming), dissolving sugars and salts,

A byproduct of star formation. Produced by various means such as purification and reverse osmosis.



Eaten raw, cooked, or dried. Used to make bush bread, added to ice-cream, granola, chocolate, bread, sauces, and desserts. Imparts a coffee and hazelnut flavor profile.

Edible seeds from Australian Acacia plant