Guide to Food Additives - Q

Guide to Food Additives - Q

Name Other Names Purpose SourcedFlo

Quatre épices

“Four spices”

Spice mix used in French and Middle-Eastern cuisines. Contains ground paper, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. Used in soups, pot dishes, vegetables, and dried meat products

Spices extracted from various plants

Quillaia extract

E999, Murillo bark extract, Panama bark extract, Vanilla Extract, Soapbark extract

Contains saponins, polyphenols, tannins, and calcium oxalate. Used as an ingredient in root beer, cream soda, baked goods, frozen desserts, a foaming agent in soft drinks and puddings.

Milled inner bark, stems or branches of soapbark

Quinoa oil

E375, Vitamin B3, nicotinic acid

Source of Vitamin E, cooking oil substitute, frying & salad dressings,

Cold-pressed from quinoa seeds

Quinoline Yellow WS

E104, CI 47005, Acid Yellow 3, Food Yellow 13

Used as a greenish-yellow coloring agent in beverages, foods and decoratives

Allowed in EU & Australia. Banned in Canada & the USA.